What Happens to a Writer Who Has Too Many Ideas?

By Vytas | For Fun | 23 Jun 2021

Everything started with a desire to edit my last listicle. As I was fixing up the introduction when a new idea struck my mind. I opened a new tab and started a story.

While it’s fresh I decided to whip up the first draft. I do them quickly because I don’t bother fixing typos. I'll do that during the editing phase (future me: yeah, in two months).

During the process, I got stuck and went to check a quote. It was in one of my drafts. While descending down to my bottomless well of drafts I found a list of smart sentences. How could I skip this gem without checking? What if it’s filled with awesome title ideas?

Yes, I shouldn’t, but I opened it.

I copy-pasted them into another draft called Headlines to find them a bit easier. While I was in the Headline draft, I stumbled upon another idea. I felt inspired to expand it so I created a new story. I added a few new points.

What happened next, I don’t recall. Most likely, I ended up looking for a picture in Unsplash and got another idea.

I only remember when it dawned on me how silly this chain of events has been. It would make a good story!

Yup, that’s where we meet!

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