The Mask of Mine (A Funny Poem)

By Vytas | For Fun | 23 Oct 2020

My first few dates

ends up in failure

Until I realize the cause.


When asked of my

uncommon facial features

I tell a story written here below.


With my machine, I traveled to the future

to be precise

into the year of twenty-twenty.


No flying vehicle, nor city floating

As told in sci-fi books,

or wild imaginations.


But something different has caught attention!

As soon as opening

The door of my machine.


There was invasion, fashion

or a smelly breath

That made all people wear these facial masks.


I smelled no odor,

There was no sight

that gave me understanding why.


Before anxiety of wondering has reached

the prime top peak,

I stopped one gentleman and asked him.


He looked at me as if I’m fallen from the sky

and murmured, muffled something.

He did not leave my knowledge satisfied.


From then on I was walking in the street

Until I found it written



What was this code,

I had no understanding.

But sure it sounded like the name of cyborg.


Some people mentioned

And blamed on China,

So I am sure the cyborg comes from them.


Before the danger

Knocked on case of mine

I rushed to get a mask.


The reason why my nose got flat

And the ears lean forward

Because my mask was way too tight.

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