Food review: Monty bojangles

By Diabeeton | Food reviews | 15 Sep 2020

Hello all hope you are having a good day.

Today I will be reviewing some chocolates called Monty bojangles. They are basically truffles with a dusting of cocoa powder. Here are my thoughts:


I really enjoyed eating these chocolates they are great to melt in the mouth and are a very nice rich chocolate taste . They melt very easily and can be messy when eating but honestly they are really nice they can be a bit expensive and not have too many chocolates inside but they are luxurious and possibly a rare treat not to be bought daily for your health and bank account. But I do recommend these chocolates they are very nice and do have different flavours to taste.

I rate these 8 out if 10 they lose out on points due to price but are very nice.

This is just my opinion don't get mad at me if u disagree I respect your opinion.

Thanks for reading my review please like and tip accordingly:)

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