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More Than Security: HyperPay

Wallet, as an important bridge for global users to access the blockchain, not only can it manage assets, it can also realize asset transaction with one-click, and provide an aggregation platform for displaying Dapps as well, which covering finance, entertainment, and social networking, etc. It can be anticipated that the market value of the leading wallet in the future will far exceed the hundreds of billions of dollars of traditional Internet companies, becoming a new outlet for capturing flow.

Taking Alipay and WeChat as examples, the two applications have almost met every possible needs in people's daily lives by combining variety built-in applets, payments, financial management, social networking, and others. However, as decentralized technology matures and the public pay more and more attention to data and privacy protection, a new medium is required then, that is, crypto wallet. It will become the main battlefield that blockchain accompanies scramble for.

HyperPay Introduction

HYPERPAY was first registered in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. The HyperPay digital wallet project was officially launched in February 2018. It has been operating safely for 28 months with no asset loss or theft ever being occurred.


HyperPay is the world's first on-chain and off-chain integrated wallet, combining decentralized and centralized in one wallet. Thus, its advantages are obvious that it can not only ensure the security of decentralized private keys, but also provide the convenience of centralized wallets. At the same time, HyperPay also opened the bridge between on-chain and off-chain through one-click transfer, which is very convenient for crypto users to manage their assets.

HYPERPAY is committed to integrating the personal finance field and the mainstream third-party platform payment field, providing crypto users and enterprises with financial services such as asset custody, wealth management, and consumer payment. It uses a digital wallet to solve all the problems related to cryptocurrency.

Now, HyperPay has supported 44 mainnets, more than 150 mainstream tokens, and more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. As the leading team in the blockchain industry, HyperPay has been making continuous efforts to build perfect payment products for users, to provide better experience. In addition to the basic crypto transfer and receive functions, HyperPay has successively launched real-time market, PoS staking, BitEarn, P2P lending, shared wallet, one-click exchange, free-transfer with exchange , DAPP games and many other functions. Its on-chain wallet has already supported BTC / ETH / EOS / HC / USDT / LTC / BCH / ONT / Libra / QTUM / TRX / BNB / XRP / DOGE / DASH / CKB / DCR / XLM.


Since its launch, the number of users has increased rapidly, and its storage assets have reached billions of dollars. It provides one-stop aggregated digital financial solutions for millions of users around the world.

Security, the First Concern

The security of crypto has always been the most concerned issue of users, especially when it comes to a crypto wallet. Security has always been HyperPay's lifeline, so what does HyperPay do to protect its lifeline?

HyperPay mainly protects users' assets from four dimensions, including: the wallet itself, user operation, the server, and technical developers. At the same time, HyperPay also cooperates deeply with foreign and domestic well-known security companies, hiring them as security consultants to help HyperPay conduct regular security audits and consultation work. Based on their audits and their security assessment reports on HyperPay, we've been continuously optimizing the wallet.

As for the server, Hyperpay currently implements 24-hour monitoring using dedicated security components. It sets up cloud security groups according to the recommendations of SANS organizations, and uses independent resources such as private clouds to calculate resource containerization, VPN gateways, and encrypted data storage. Moreover, it establishes layers of security protections which include randomization parameters, RSA encryption and pass-through for communication interfaces.

HyperPay's security strategies, including being the first to use AES 256 encryption technology, which realizes the maximum protection of asset security, adopting plans such as hot and cold wallet segregation, multi-sign cold wallet and independent cold wallet for asset storage, to ensure that the wallet never connects to the internet. 80% of the assets are stored offline, enabling separation of transactions and asset custody. CI/CD development program is also embeded to monitor quality and vulnerabilities, implement Tier 6 disaster backup solution, deploy dedicated observer wallet, reduce wallet exposure time, and improve the security of digital assets off the chain.

For the Off-chain wallet, in the login session, we prompt the users for the complexity degree of the password set, reminding them to change the password regularly, and we also add Google verification, SMS verification, fingerprint verification; in the transfer session, similar to other exchanges, we have multiple layers of security audits including double-verification, transaction password, manual phone verification. After updating the 3.9 version, we have added mechanisms such as face authentication, verification questions, security scoring, fully upgrading the security level of the wallet usage.

There is a special security audit to confirm the security of the app about on-chain wallet. We have applied AES symmetric encryption preservation for local data, security development components to enhance the security of the app, and certificate binding and RSA to ensure the security of information exchange. We also aim at cross-app attacks to take a seperate protection.

HyperPay's security strategies and features can be summarized as follows: First, the professional security team conducting a comprehensive security audit of HyperPay, and the exclusive security team guaranteeing the security of the wallet; Second, the multi-dimensional security enhancements, including: cloud security, security monitoring, security emergency response, city disaster recovery, complete code management solution, abnormality detection, employee security strategy; Third, diverse wallet management plans, including multi-signature wallet server, hot and cold wallet server segregation, minimum wallet exposure, 80% of the assets stored in the multi-signature cold wallet in the isolated gatekeeper.

In addition, HyperPay has launched its own hardware wallet HyperMate, which undoubtedly adds a solid shield to the security of the wallet. HyperMate supports multi-signature, firmware upgrade, Bluetooth connection and other functions. It has  FCC authorization certificate, CC EAL6 + chip. It is also easy to carry with only 2.3 mm thickness and light weight.

Enhancement, the Firm Mission

Say that security is the first concern of HyperPay, then the enhancement of user assets is the mission that HyperPay must bear.

In a bear market, crypto users always choose to hold instead of trade. Therefore, HyperPay has launched many capital-guaranteed investment products that users can benefit from just holding their assets. These products include BitEarn, current investment, PoS staking, lock-up.

BitEarn is jointly created by HyperPay and HyperFin, a professional crypto financial services company with experienced financial team and strong credit. BitEarn’s working principle refers to Alipay’s Yuebao that users just needs to transfer their crypto into the BitEarn account of the off-chain wallet and income is obtained. BitEarn investment is on demand, the interest calculated on a daily basis, no handling fee, no lock up, deposit and withdrawal anytime, it greatly improving the flexibility of users’ assets. The cryptocurrencies it supports are all main currencies, such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS, ADA, etc., as well as stable coins like USDT, CNYT, QC. There is no threshold for BitEarn, and no upper limit, which not only meets the investment needs of small and medium-sized users, but also provides enough possibility for users who hold a large amount of assets. Moreover, the asset income of BitEarn is very mentionable.


In 2019, the staking economy became hot. According to data from, as of August 2, 2019, the global market for staking projects has reached 16.5 billion U.S. dollars, the average pledge rate for staking being 38.29%, and an average annualized rate reaching 12.90%. Staking is an economic behavior that runs on a chain that uses PoS as a consensus mechanism. Its profitability comes from the issuance of additional tokens or system distribution rewards. Holders can pledge tokens to the mainnet to obtain corresponding rewards through Staking model, which is the so called using token to bear token. However, because the mining mechanism of each currency is slightly different, the operation process is cumbersome, different wallets are needed to be downloaded, most of the PoS currencies have a long pledge period, and the income cannot be returned immediately, the user experience is actually terrible. For ordinary users, the simplest way to PoS staking is using a wallet.

As the leading wallet supporting PoS mining in China, the first version of HyperPay  has  supported HC's PoS mining in February 2018. So far, HyperPay has launched 11 currencies’ PoS staking, HC, QTUM, DASH, DCR, NULS, VSYS, ATOM, SERO, IOST, GXC, TRX, and also provides variety forms of PoS staking, divided into "common PoS staking" and "high-yield PoS staking". In common PoS staking, users just need to deposit the token into the wallet, and the mining starts automatically without needing pledge, while in high-yield staking, users need to pledge the token to the mining pool, but the yield rate is higher as 50% to 100%.

HyperPay is currently the PoS wallet that supports the most currencies on the market, and it is still selecting the best and hottest staking projects on the market for users to provide them with better experience. With a series of advantages such as rich options, high yield, rapid deposit and withdrawal, and instant arrival, HyperPay has therefore become the preferred wallet for PoS staking in the staking filed.

On the basis of the existing PoS staking, we launched the "PoS Mining Plan" on August 1, 2019. The purpose is to enable users to participate in the Staking economy more safely, more conveniently and more comprehensively. The "PoS Mining Plan" is a new investment product of high-quality PoS currency that HyperPay jointly selects with the world's top public chain team and PoS team for users. It’s stable, high-quality and high-profitability. Since its launch, it has been popular among users. This week, the PoS Mining Plan is TRX with 100% annualized rate.


After 28 months of observant operations, HyperPay has grown into the comprehensively professional crypto wallet that attracts millions of users.

Future Development

Besides the secure crypto asset management and investment functions, there are other launched functions including real-time market monitoring, shared wallet for enterprises or small teams, one-click exchange, P2P loan, and built-in CoinW

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Established in 2017, HyperPay is the world’s first multi-ecological digital asset wallet that integrates off-chain wallet, HyperMate hardware wallet, on-chain wallet, and shared wallet.

Five most valued blockchain crypto wallet
Five most valued blockchain crypto wallet

HyperPay is one of the mainstream wallets in China the head wallet with the second largest number of domestic users after token. It is divided intohas three types of entry modes: off-chain wallet, on-chain wallet, and hardware wallet. In the crypto Block chain wallet industry, the wallet possessing with both on-chain and off-chain modes has more obvious advantage amongare more attractive to users, while the wallet with only on-chain mode sets a higher threshold for users. HyperPay's registration home page

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