The vegan problem

By Gregor-Flyge | Fitness Gubuka | 20 Mar 2020

First, I want to mention that this post is intended to inform about facts, share my own experience and those of others and not to blame vegans! Nevertheless I want to examine first

The environmental aspect

Agriculture nowadays is mostly extremely damaging to the planet. When we talk about huge monocultures of grain fields which are only able to sustain because they get flooded with toxic substances to defend the crops from all their natural enemies it is very obvious that this is not right and cannot be healthy.

But even organic farming of grains and vegetables is very unnatural and unsustainable. Imagine how nature is built up. There are so many species in perfect symbiosis and then comes a human and wants a field of only grains (for example). 

Nature brings balance. So when you have this grain field, nature wants to take it back and sends so called "vermins" which eat the crops or they get a fungus to restore balance unless you fight back.

Animal factory farming has the same and other issues. The cattle eats the cheap grains which, with the loss of most other natural conditions, cause illness and diminishes quality while maximizing profits.

The alternative

We see that plant farming is a very unnatural when you don't agree to natures rules and don't have something like a permaculture where you would grow all kinds of plants together.

When you want to replicate a natural system as an approach to farm you need all aspects of nature. So you cannot only farm plants, you also need animals (and fungi).

Permaculture is very interesting but I want to give you another example to get to my point.

Natural keeping of animals like cows, goats or sheep means they have a huge pasture where they can eat their natural diet with grass and all kinds of herbs. After a while you need to drive the cattle to the next willow so the grass can regrow (with help of the faeces). Like this you drive them in a circle.

What is so natural about this?

  • in nature we have predators like wolves and lions which keep the cattle moving - this is replicated by changing the pasture
  • there is no damage to the planets resources - to the contrary: this type of farming actually helps to enrich the content of beneficial substances and carbon in the soil like it did for thousands of years
  • the cattle eats a natural diet and therefore has the best quality of milk, meat or eggs
  • illnesses are reduced without the need of antibiotics

So if you had only vegans the most natural way of farming wouldn't be possible anymore. One of the most important qualities of farming animals is that they can ferment indigestible plants for us and turn them into highly nutritious and easily digestible foods.

The health aspect

I don't like throwing studies around because many of them are made up and according to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride the studies regarding veganism and vegetarianism are "not serious science".

She works with people who damaged themselves with those kinds of diets and warns about the dangers (

Animal products contain everything we need in perfect availability while plants lack some substances that are essential or semi-essential for us:

  • minerals especially zinc and iron
  • vitamins like B12, D and A
  • carnitine, creatine
  • fatty acids like DHA, EPA and ARA

Some of them are in plants, too, but mostly protected by hard shells and other hardly digestible stuff. Plants protect themselves through different poisons and anti-nutrients while animals can run or bite. 

Ruminants for example are perfectly adapted to digest plants. They have a microbiome that enables the fermentation of cellulose and thereby the opening of the cells and release of micronutrients.

We don't have that. Our digestive system is able to handle some plants when they're properly prepared. That means we grind it, cook it or ferment it (mostly outside of the body like sauerkraut). Even though most people are very cautious and anxious about eating raw meat, eggs and dairy because they've been brainwashed that bacteria was bad, they are better available than any other food, while most plants are completely indigestible in the raw state.

Now you might think of fruits like bananas or something. Most of them are not very old. We bred them to become the tasty sugar bomb that it is today. Fruits are natural for us? Think again. here you can examine a natural banana. That is hardly edible for a human.

Additionally looking at some ex-vegans on youtube and what they have to say it pretty much covers my own experience. I tried the vegan diet for about 5 years with all important substances as supplements and it didn't work for me. It seems that some people can do really good on this diet but it seems also that most people are not able to feel good in the long term.

Plants suffer, too

Since the 1960s it is proven that plants react to the intent of killing or harming them. Like an animal, an egg or even raw meat. We need to eat something alive to stay alive. These are natures rules (

Then why vegan?

What I hear mostly from vegans is, even when they agree to the facts I mention, that their personal feelings are the main actor in their decision to become/stay vegan.

This is partly created due to the fact that most people in the western world never learned to properly process death until they see a documentary about intensive lifestock farming and slaughter. This creates a trauma that enables the individual to feel disgust about the most natural and healthiest foods.

Big companies are making big money with veganism while farming and owning animals brings independence back to the people.

Imagine the world economy crashing people are panicking and you sit on your farm with your cows and hens which provide you with life no matter if the supermarket is open or not or if it's winter or not (remember in many parts of the world you cannot grow plants all the year).

Again I don't want to blame anyone, I just want to protect inform and discuss. Actually I recently found out that one of my favorite weightlifter youtubers called Clarence Kennedy is a vegan. He's crazy strong and I think not on steroids. Even though I don't know how he is able to digest all this soy and wheat.


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