Raw eggs and health

By Gregor-Flyge | Fitness Gubuka | 7 Mar 2020

Have you ever eaten an egg raw? If not you should try it. 

Eggs and health

For a hen is an unfertilized egg useless. For us however it is a gift of nature. 

Eggs contain almost every essential nutrient for humans - high quality protein, fats, minerals and all vitamins except C. You could live on eggs and were probably healthier than most people.

And why raw?

It's very simple. Heat diminishes vitamins and changes the structure of protein and fat. Some substances like folic acid and choline are destroyed in the cooking process. You have to imagine: the raw egg (and other raw animal foods) is very similar to your own body cells. Therefore it is very easy to convert it into actual body tissue.

Isn't it disgusting?

To be honest, yes. After hundreds of eggs that I have eaten raw I still find it completely unprocessed a little bit disgusting. I think the food we are used to is mostly so unnatural in taste and texture that real food can appear disgusting.

Nevertheless I can give you examples how to eat(actually drink) raw eggs and make it a pleasure - you need a blender for this:

  • add one ripe banana or kaki per five eggs
  • add stevia, one scoop whey and 200ml milk per five eggs

and blend everything. Not too long because the egg will become too fluffy. The recipe is perfect as protein shake for breakfast, pre- or post workout. It's an easy way to get up to 100g protein in one meal (or more if you want).

Isn't it dangerous?

In the web you can read things like "man dies after eating 25 eggs" or "banana and eggs are poisonous together". That's probably BS.

When you start with one or two eggs your body will show you if it's good or not. I eat 20 eggs per day and I don't have any digestive problems.

What about cholesterol?

The most common question I get. Your dietary cholesterol does not influence your blood cholesterol. So if you eat more your body produces less.

Anything else?

This counts not only for eggs but for everything you put in your stomach: buy high quality foods. The most expensive is not always the best choice but to get high quality you have to spend some money. It tastes better, it's healthier and better for the planet.

My experience is that raw eggs are very smooth in the stomach when I eat them to breakfast or combined with raw meat. Coffee and raw eggs don't fit well together.

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