How to earn free crypto with Coinpot (full review)

Hello guys,

in this article I want to show you a way to earn 6 coins daily. 

First of all you need to create a Coinpot account.

Then you will need to enter the same email address from Coinpot to sign up for all of the listed website below. You can claim all of them every 5 minutes except BTC2 that you can claim it only every 15 minutes.


All your coins will be updated automatically on your Coinpot account. For every claim you will earn 3 Coinpot Tokens that you can exchange for any listed coins you wish. 

What you can do on Coinpot Dashboard ?
-Earn more coins by mining them (the rate is really poor, but it's a easy way to do it)
-Buy ticket for the lottery,
-Try to multiply your coins with the multiplier,
-Win some Coinpot Tokens with the challenges,
-Level up your rank and get vip reward based on your level and your CoinPot Tokens balance.

The withdraw amount for each coin is different, but all has no fees so be assured that you will received it in maximum 48 hours and it's will be the same amount that was in your Coinpot account. 

Withdraw minimum rate:
Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC
Bitcoin Cash: 0.001 BCH
Dogecoin: 50 DOGE
Litecoin: 0.005 LTC
Dash: 0.002 DASH

All moonbit website will ask you to verify your a real human by giving you a capcha to verify. When it done you will get the amount accumulated + your loyalty bonus + your referral bonus and also a mystery bonus that can increase your amount of 100%, pretty cool I guess.

On the Bonus Bitcoin faucet website, you will also have a capcha to verify, but before do it I suggest you change your claim setting and check the always receive the average claim amount box to get more BTC per round.

If you want to see all my ways to earn free crypto you can see it in this previous article that I update every time I got a new link.

So what do you think guys about this new way to earn free crypto ? I will test this for a week and give you feedback the next week.



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