Eclipcity : TRX & UME = $$$

Eclipcity : TRX & UME = $$$

Hello guys !
How are you today ? ME im soooooo excited !!!!!!
If your following my post you will know that im testing the USwap project it's been over a week now and as you see in my last weekly report I make money every single day !!! The price of the UME just keep increasing level after level. The first day launching it pass from $1 USD to $100 and finally finish at $80 USD. Next week was around $90-$95. Last week was around $95-$115 and this week LOL $125-$135 USD ! I will keep saying it I LOVE UME !!

Yesterday on Dapp Radar USwap exchange pass from 3th place to second place as the BEST EXCHANGE WORDWIDE ! This is INSANE !!! Just look by yourself, it did put Just Swap in 3th place !!!! Watch out Uniswap you will the next to goes down in the list!!! 


So the price of UME still increasing while more money was enter in the USwap. Over 12 millions USD in 3 weeks has been injected in the liquidity pool. I look at the stats daily and I can assure you that it's still growing massively.  When I start last Monday 23th of November only 9 millions was in the exchange. So every time a pool end most of the people take a small percentage of profit and put back the rest of there money into a new pool. That's means it will grow more and more daily as new people reach the community.


You can also mine now free UME if you've been a part of the Tron Chain community has a active member. Andreas K. just release the official announce yesterday morning. This is another amazing step for the Tron Chain community that as around 500k people that will eventually come over the USwap pool and mine more UME. More people reach the USwap exchange more the UME price will grow and WE will all make more money from this amazing adventure ! That's not all if your not a member of the community yet you can enter and earn 310% of your initial investment of TRX (here).


This is not all of what's coming next for the Eclipcity community. There is one new game that's already release: Adens Fall a World of Warcraft style of game, that you can upgrade your character, battle enemy, and grow while the game update. You can earn money while your participate in contest and  you can also use your TRX to buy some gears and inventory items for the game. This will inject liquidity in the Tron Chain community and by the time they will also add UME for unique item to buy, so also more liquidity for UME. I will say it again MORE LIQUIDITY FOR UME & TRX = MORE MONEY FOR US $$$.


I know they are working on another Android game that will be release in 2021. I do not have a lot of information for this but It's will come as soon as we get some from the CEO.

Last amazing thing that will come soon it's the crypto credit card that will be available in more than 180 country over the world, even some that already have difficulty to get a crypto credit card right now as South America countries ! 

Finally to finish this article, I will recommend you to enter in those 2 awesome program USwap UME pool and Tron Chain program if your not already in. Keep making money and stay far a ways from scam guys !




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