Awesome news for Tron Chain community !

Awesome news for Tron Chain community !

Hello guys,

yesterday afternoon Andreas K. announce 2 big news on the YouTube channel of Eclipcity, for the Tron Chain community. They will be adding a free mining UME pool for task done by Tron Chain community. What that mean ? Every week they will add some task you can complete in order to mine free UME from the Tron Chain website. More task you will complete better rate you will earn. This program should start this week or the next one.

The second big new is about insurance for the Tron Chain network. If one day the Tron Chain project became to 0$, the second smart contract for the insurance will be trigger and will reimburse everyone with there initial amount cost. So even the Tron Chain fail, you will be certain to not lose any money you will put in. This is more than amazing this is SAFETY ! What a big new ! This insurance will be adding to the Tron Chain community in the next weeks. 

Im really excited about those amazing news that are coming soon. What do you think about Tron Chain community guys ?

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