How to mint identity and vote in (ETH chain)

By yihzymoney | | 6 Dec 2020 is currently having market predictions weekly tournaments by voting on assets from across the cryptospace. Win a share of the weekly reward pool and gain voting power for the next tournament. Currently the prize is set at 100,000 $FVT per week / worth ~ USD$650 (as of 7/Dec/2020). Prize is to be shared among the winners according to the weightage of their votes cast.

Mint Identity Token - only need to do once

Skip this part if you already have the Identity NFT token. If not, follow instruction below to mint your identity token.

1. First of all, ensure you have metamask install, ensure you have at least 100 FVT token. This is the price to mint the identity token. Use a desktop browser, go to

main page

2. click on "mint an identity to vote".


3. Make sure you have enough $FVT then click on "mint identity". Currently the price is 100 $FVT per identity but price could goes up if you tried to mint another identity immediately after minting one.

4. Approve the transaction.After the transaction is complete, add Identity NFT in metamask. contract address is 0xf779cae120093807985d5f2e7dbb21d69be6b963

Each Identity token has it's own unique number. You can check for it in etherscan and click on the ERC721 tab.

The FVT contract address is 0x45080a6531d671DDFf20DB42f93792a489685e32

How to Vote - weekly event

1. Use a desktop browser with metamask. Go to . Select "start voting"

voting screen

2. Select you identity token if you have more than one identity token in your metamask address. Check for the time left , end date and payout date.

voting page

3.Choose the crypto that you predict will have the highest gain at the end of the voting period (currently it’s 7 days). Currently list has 10 token which will likely be expanded in the future.

4.Enter the amount of $V you would want to vote for , the final value will be sum of the squares of the vote.

5. You can vote until all your $V is use up. Press "Vote" to submit your vote. Each crypto that you voted will use up 33,584 gas. The baseline vote is 45,946 gas.

Final gas value = no. of crypto vote x 33584 + 45946 .

Eg voting for 10 coins will use 381,786 gas,

while voting for 1 coin will use 79,350 gas .

Typical vote for 4 type of coins will use 180,282 gas.

The gas price does not depend on the $V use, it just increase with the no. of coins voted.

Thus the more coin you vote, the higher the gas fee. The most efficient will be to cast all 10 votes to one coin to save on gas.

6. sample of voting for all 10 coins

sample voting calculation I made an excel file if you want to calculate the $V use for voting, from there you can adjust your vote so it does not exceed your $V power, the basic $V starts at 100.

Please give me a thumbs up if this helps you in voting. Thank you

Follow up article on how to claim your reward in you won the vote. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ID minting and Voting

more detail on how to vote here. token economics





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