Voting and claiming directly via Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Contract

By yihzymoney | | 8 May 2021

The BSC node has problem loading previous historical data and this causes problem to load the voting page and voting ID.

Thus Dr. Nick has published the methods to vote directly via the smart contract, the original article is here

a. Voting via BSC Contract

1. Set your metamask to BSC .If you already know your voting ID# then you can skip the following step.

Click on your metamask to check the address in bscscan.

metamask bscscan

Look for the voting ID there. Note down the Token ID. The contract for the voting ID is 0x951aed5e3554332bc2624d988c9c70d002d3dba0


2. Go to the BSC vote market contract on bscscan:

3. Before you vote, you may want to read up on "b. Checking current voting power and also c. Checking $V power won in previous vote" below.

If you have $V power please claim it using d. and e. before voting.
"Click on "contract" > "write" . Click on "Connect to web3" and connect to metamask

bsc contract

4. scroll down to the function 10 , vote


voterID: your identity ID number.
tournamentID: 1
choices: is a indexed array e.g. [1,2,3,4,5]
weights: an array of votes corresponding to the above array e.g. [5,4,6,4,2]  - this is the $V that you assign to chosen coin. Total $V should not be more than your maximum voting power. eg your $V power is 100, if you put [5,4,6,4,2]

total $V power is 5x5 + 4x4 + 6x6 + 4x4 + 2x2 = 97 (slightly less than 100)

hash: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
updateRoundId: 1 (will automatically index to ballot number on write)

List of coin for voting on the BSC are :

1 - cardano
2 - BCH
3 - BNB
4 - BUSD
5 - DOT
6 - ETH
7 - FIL
8 - LTC
9  - TRON
10 -  XRP

5. press on the "write" button , you will then be prompt on the metamask to confirm the transaction.

6.Check on bscscan if the transaction is sucessful.

b. Checking current voting power (voice credit) via BSC Contract

under the contract > "read"  > "6. getVoiceCredits"


c. Checking $V power won in previous vote via BSC Contract

under the contract > "read"  > "4. getRoundBonus"


d. Update Account (claim Voting power) via BSC Contract

Use this if you want to get your $V updated before the next time you vote.

under the contract > "write"  > "8. updateAccount"


e. Withdraw voting power (Get FVT won in previous round) via BSC Contract

under the contract > "write"  > "11. withdrawWinnnings" , enter your voterID and click write. 

If metamask shows you it needs an enormous amount of gas eg 0.2BNB , please do not try to proceed as there maybe something wrong.

Please try to do this after claiming the $V voting power using "8. updateAccount"


f. Transfer Voting ID via BSC Contract

For transfer of voting ID, we will need to interact with a different smart contract

Click on "Connect to web3" and you will be able to interact with the contract


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