Naga Brute - Very well-rounded Splinterlands tank

By felipejoys | felipejoys | 28 Sep 2020



Analysis — Naga Brute, from the Splinterlands Crypto Game

Not everyday you see a tank capable of defending against melee, ranged and magic attacks without any weak spots — but that's what Naga Brute offers, at all levels. It might not have a shield, but it does wear a lot of armor. Unless an opponent is using shatter, which is usually not the case, very few tanks will be a better option.

This is a pick for the standard rule set and any situation where he can be picked and there are all attack options available — melee, ranged and magic. If at least one is not allowed, there might be options that can go even. But generally speaking, it is always a good option. Just don't use the new summoner, Brighton Bloom, with it. You want it to get hit, so flying is a waste.

  • Bronze: Void armor guarantees all of its 13 effective health will serve as a shield for your other monsters. This is the rank where a few magic cards are very overpowered, but they will not easily defeat this brute. You also get to use it effectively in no-melee, where prismatic energy would otherwise be the most common good pick.

  • Silver: Thorns is the main difference. You might not want to use it in no-melee, but Naga can be a part of your team in any rule set, except for slow. Remember, you want your thorns tank to be hit. You are using the dragon splinter, so there is no lack of options when it comes to healing it.

  • Gold: At this rank, ranged power starts becoming overpowered, regardless of your opponent using Prince Rennyn or not. But this dragon tank has got you covered, because Return Fire is so strong, it might kill their creatures all on its own. Specially with this much armor.

  • Diamond: Not the best rank for Naga Brute, but it's still very useful in low mana matches. Diamond ranks get a lot of mana to work with, so low mana is considered something below 25. Like everything else in Diamond, it works best in specific scenarios. So, sub-25 mana and standard rules.

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