Museum of Disgusting Food founder tries to make evolution sound stupid

By felipejoys | felipejoys | 14 Sep 2020

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There's a museum in Sweden which opened up back in 2018 only to serve food from all over the word deemed as disgusting by people who are not used to them. Publicly, the idea is making people question what they find to be disgusting and then to overcome this concept.

Among the very disgusting food presented, some include "dishes" requiring very cruel preparations. Because they are eventually consumed by some customers, it is safe to assume animal cruelty is taking place over and over again in the back-kitchen.

“I want people to question what they find disgusting and realize that disgust is always in the eye of the beholder,” said West. “We usually find things we’re not familiar with disgusting, versus things that we grow up with and are familiar with are not disgusting, regardless of what it is.” ¹

The explanation above comes from Samuel West, founder of this museum, and it seems to ignore how poverty in countries most represented in this museum is what has forced them into consuming things otherwise commonly seen as disgusting. This was not merely a social construct as he claims to be, but one necessary to an individual's survival.

“The emotion of disgust is something that’s primarily evolutionary. It’s to protect us from toxic food,” said West. “We humans have taken disgust and applied it in different areas of life, like morals.” ¹

It feels like Samuel West thrives on disgusting project ideas and laughing at those who take any of these projects as something more than a joke. Which they really are. All he is doing is making fun of things he doesn't like.

What does he have to say to anyone who thinks he should stop being completely non-sensical? Probably the same thing he commented about a company who made a legal threat after being "exposed" in his Museum of Failures²:

image.pngIf you ever see this guy walk past you, don't forget to slap the back of his head for me.


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