Feb 19 Portfolio Update

Feb 19 Portfolio Update

By JayC0730 | FeelSoMoon | 20 Feb 2021

The most recent update is here. I am very close to having all my smaller crypto reach 10% in my portfolio. The latest update is below.


BTC - 67.36%

Bitcoin is king. I really expect it to reach $60k per coin by the end of February or late March at the latest. Can't see a dip keeping Bitcoin down. Afterall we are all still waiting on the stimmy checks.


ETH - 12.67%

ETH is my second largest holding but that may change soon enough. I'm starting to see my portfolio grow and ETH may be dethroned by one of my other coins below.


ADA - 10.37%

Cardano is above 10%. I see it reaching its prior ATH soon enough. It could possibly flip ETH once it's ATH gets broken this cycle.


DOT - 9.60%

Polkadot has not reached the 10% break yet buy it has the most potential in my mind. It has a high staking return of 12% and coupled with its appreciation it may jump both Cardano and ETH if it breaks the $50 price target.


All I can say is I'm very excited for the future. My job is not too stable right now but crypto keeps me in a positive state of mind.

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