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So you are thinking about living and working in Japan!

9 Jul 2019 tokyobitcoiner

07 January 2020
Still a dream of mine. Don't know when I'll make the choice to go for it.

Coinbase Review

4 Jan 2020 CryptoJES

06 January 2020
I love the ability to earn some free coins. It may be kyc but at this point its my one and only trusted kyc exchange.

The Great Shitcoin Purge: Coming your way in 2020? Be Prepared!

6 Jan 2020 thunderboltkid

06 January 2020
I only own blue chip coins. BTC, ETH, LTC, and ADA. I may not have much but so far I've been strong with the hodl.

Brave Browser 6 month review

6 Jan 2020 TrocProcLock

06 January 2020
I'm waiting for the new brave mobile wallet. It needs improvement for sure.

UPDATE: Brave Rewards Proof Of Payment (Jan 2020)

6 Jan 2020 tomoyan

06 January 2020
It may be a mistake but I got 25.7 BAT tokens for the last month. I thought O would get anout 6 but this happened. It may be a mistake so I'll track my wallet for the next few days.

The World’s Most Crypto-friendly Countries

6 Jan 2020 pheonixdown-dee

06 January 2020
Japan always seems great when it comes to crypto.

A Few Reasons to Blog on Publish0x

5 Jan 2020 M87

05 January 2020
I do love the idea of tipping for good articles long past the postimg of the article. This is a great crypto blogging option at the moment.

Introducing the New Publish0x Tipping Model

11 Jul 2019 Igor Tomić

05 January 2020
I prefer this over other blogging crypto sites. I hope it grows.

Cardano Coin Wallets 2020

29 Nov 2019 ChangeNOW

05 January 2020
One of my four main coins. I'll just hodl and wait right now.

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