Why Kyber Network (KNC)

Why Kyber Network (KNC)

By favicon | fav | 4 Feb 2020

Because investing in decentralized liquidity pools is the future.

I recently blogged about my latest investments, and one of those was in Kybernetwork.

Except for the upcomming DAO and opportunities, here are some more impressive stats


Source: https://twitter.com/KyberStatsBot/status/1224672255050833921

All stats: https://tracker.kyber.network/#/


and these are just 24 hour stats.

Overall Kyber shows an immense growth potential in my opinion, and I'm sure with the implementation of the DAO, holders like me, will have even more reasons to pay/push for marketing :)

Learn more: https://kyber.network/
Stats Bot: https://twitter.com/KyberStatsBot/
Tracker: https://tracker.kyber.network/#/
Buy: https://kyberswap.com/ or https://1inch.exchange

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