What if you could choose what you got ?

What if you could choose what you got ?

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 30 Jul 2019

So the big question is, what would you choose if Publish0x added that you could choose one token to get paid/tips in on your post which one of them would you choose to get tips in? Please leave your answer in the comments down below and why you would choose that token.


So i think it would be nice if we could choose which one of the tokens we would want to receive down to just one or multiple tokens from the tips. There is ups and downs on this i know, but its really up to you if you want to get a stable income from only getting DAI that you in the first place get a lot over the other coins and tokens or at least i am or you choose to get paid in a token which price would go any where and you would be unknown what amount you would have every month because the price could go crazy up or down and you one day could be rich and another day live on water and bread. Well perhaps it was a bit much, but to be fair the amount we are paid in other tokens then DAI is very little.

 On post where i get a tip of 20% of the whole tip pool the amount you get from DAI is waaaay higher then tips that you get in Hydro and Bounty0x.

So you might guessed that i would take DAI anytime over any of the tokens unless i actually could get some in BAT but so far i've seen they are yet not tipped to anyone (if you have received bat please leave a comment) since BAT is one of the tokens i believe in could be big someday even tho it as late had some downs but i'm sure it would go back up to the $0.40 that it was not long ago. 

I hope that Publish0x would add this function where you actually could choose what token you would receive or at least make it possible to exchange to one token and perhaps make a partnership out of it with services like changenow or Shapeshift.

I mean even my website fauceteer.pw is a partner with Changenow because its a product and service that i really like and believe in because they are really trying to change the game of instant exchanges compared to changelly and is also cheaper with a very low fee and a very low min exchange amount.  

Now you might think where is this post going ? well to tell the truth, i got no idea, when i have something on mind i just write what comes to mind and it tent to go anywhere and sometimes it can go a very good way or some stupid stuff that doesn't make sense... but this post was mostly to get some more social aspects on the community since we are the people that drive this community and it would be nice to know more about my fellow bloggers.


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