The First month of owning a bitcoin faucet part 1

By Cal_tv93 | Fauceteer | 3 Aug 2019

So i thought i would try write a little bit about how it is to own a bitcoin faucet and make and update every month so people who thinking about starting their own faucet knows what to do and not to do and can learn from my mistakes.

Owning a faucet is surely a challenge and i have learned to quickly and specially with bitcoin. We all know that bitcoins price and either go quickly up or down which also make you have to change the payout on everything now and then to make sure you wont pay out more then you need to make a profit.


My faucet

so my faucet is a script that already have been pre-made since i like to take the quickest way to get started, but hey it was only $25 at the time so i'm not complaining and they creator gives a good support. Anyway its good to have a faucet with a lot of features that people can use to earn more and you can earn more from, like my faucet offer faucet, PTC and shortlinks as well a point system from every claim, ptc seen and shortlinks that they later can get exchanged into bitcoin and i knew all of these things before hand just from looking into what other faucets had and how many users they had compared to faucets that didn't have these kinds of features.


Advertising rev

Finding a few adnets that actually could give you a little return from the views can be hard and its really up to finding the adnet that pays the most amount of money for your views so you can get the max amount while you have to pay out of your own pocket to get started since it is after all a company in it self and will start out costing you money.

But when your website starts to get a lot more users and daily views you can start joining some of the bigger adnets out there that give you a very good return compared to some of the adnets that doesn't care how much traffic your site have.


Advertising the faucet

see this was the hard part and for a very long time i was standing with only a few users joining a day from making a post on bitcointalk forum and had some of them work for me to make referrals signups in exchange of gaining more bitcoin sat to their accounts to reach payout quicker but it wasn't really growing much before i went to faucethub and paid 20000 BTC sat for 100 chat ads to post one an hour, it litterly grew my user base twice as big as it was and now its still growing because a lot more of them are referring new users to the site already and helping big time growing the project.


Faucet Funding

As many awesome projects you will need to fund your website at start too it can fund it self from all the different earning ways that your faucet has like advertising, shortlinks or any other ways.

Right now i'm using Adaround and JSE

If you dont know what those two are you can read about them on some of my posts


Click here for Adaround post

Click here for JSECoin post


Check my faucet:

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