DOGE faucet review: doge.faucetspool

By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 11 Jun 2021

Oh snap, that faucet is different, in all the good ways.

On doge.faucetspool, you can claim free DOGE once per hour. That's pretty normal for a faucet.

All you have to do is type in your DOGE address and click on claim.
The amounts vary depending on traffic and how many users have recently claimed their free DOGEs.

So far I have claimed all kinds of different amounts in the range of 0.001 up to 0.1 DOGE.
0.001 DOGE is equal to about  $0.00032, and 0.1 DOGE equals about 0.032 DOGE and that's really neat, compared to other faucets.

So you can easily earn around from 0.024 DOGE up to 2.4 DOGE per day, if you're really lucky. Comparing this to the fly-doge faucet, which I already wrote about, doge.faucetspool is definitely the better option. On fly-doge you can earn a minimum of 0.2285 DOGE per day, but there it is way less likely to achieve higher amounts.

Online reviews are rare and mixed, on trustpilot, this faucet received a 3.5 / 5 which is really ok for faucet site. 

What's really likable about this faucet is its simplicity, it doesn't spam you with all kinds of agressive ads and the claiming procedure itself is really easy. Be aware that using heavy computer protection or by using VPNs it may be possible that you won't be able to reach this site.

So far the best and most rewarding DOGE faucet I was able to find, I you'd like to join, click here to register at doge.faucetspool.

(I'll update as soon as new information arrives)

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