DOGE faucet review: fly-doge

By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 28 May 2021

Click the button and roll it says. And there I'm rolling like an idiot, or clicking to be more precise.

fly-doge is one of these faucets were you just click once per hour, a number in the range of 0 to 10000 appears. And this number determines what you will actually get out of this faucet. And what's potentially possible is not bad (1 Doge = $ 0.31 on 28 May 2021):

Number 0 - 9885 -> 0.00952381 DOGE = $0.003
Number 9886 - 9985 -> 0.19047619 DOGE = $0.06
Number 9986 - 9993 -> 3.80952381 DOGE = $1.20
Number 9994 - 9997 -> 38.09523810 DOGE = $12.03
Number 9998 - 9999 -> 761.90476190 DOGE = $240,76
Number 10000 -> 3809.52380952 DOGE = $1203.79

But is it really possible to roll something above 9885? I myself didn't manage to do it, but one of my refs definitely rolled a number in the second tier. Which is still not much. But at least that is possible, so I hope the other tiers are as well.

This faucet also offers a multiplier, which can be bought by using the DOGE in your account's wallet.

Day (Base x 1.3) 0.01238095 DOGE -> BUY IT: 0.06190477 (= $0.02)
Week (Base x 1.5) 0.01428572 DOGE -> BUY IT: 0.75000004 (= $0.24) 
Month (Base x 1.8) 0.01714286 DOGE -> BUY IT: 4.28571450 (= $1.35)
Quarter (Base x 2.3) 0.02190476 DOGE -> BUY IT: 14.23809595 (= $4.49)
Year (Base x 3.3) 0.03142857 DOGE -> BUY IT: 102.14286225 (= $33.22)

So what can you actually get out of this faucet per day? Let's see:
0.00952381 DOGE x 24 = 0.2285 DOGE per day, if you only roll the numbers in tier 1 or in other words: the worst ones.
Per year this would create a maximum sum of 83.40 DOGE.

If you used the Pro Status with the base value multiplied with 3.3 this would equal daily to a minimum of 0.75 DOGE and per year 273.75 DOGE. But you had to pay for the multiplier 102.14 DOGE so it's only 171,61 which is just a bit more that without any bought multiplier. So using the multipliers doesn't seem to be a good idea.

What does appear kinda weird is that there is no specific minimum withdrawal amount stated. It only says, that the amount that you want to withdraw has to be higher than the withdrawal fee - not stating what the withdrawal fee is. To be honest, that's usually not a good sign.

The online ratings or reviews done by users are mixed, scam-adviser gives it a mediocre risk rating, whatever that exactly means. I guess I have to find out the hard way and try it by myself. The withdrawals are executed once per month, on the first Saturday in a month, so the time for an actual payout to happen can take some time.

If you feel inclined to join me in my pursue of truth and DOGE you may join by clicking this link:

(As soon as I find out if this site legit or not, I'll update this article and let you know...)

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