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By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 2 Jun 2021

Well there is not much to say about Bitcoin, nowadays practically everyone knows about Bitcoin. It is the first and strongest cryptocurrency in human history. It started in 2009 and was treated by many people as a joke, including me and that was a mistake. While the price was about $100 in 2013 it skyrocketed up to almost $1000 in 2014 and hit its peak price in May 2021 with an incredible price of $61000.

The ongoing price prediction is a difficult topic, because everything is possible. There are many predictions against a further rise but also many that are backing it. Both have some good reasons.

Here are some possibilities why Bitcoin may crash even further:

And of course some positive predictions:

Either way, it is probably not a bad idea to own some BTC. And I am actually the living prove to this. is one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets that exist and it's a legit faucet and definitely pays out, as I have received payments

My story with
In about 2014 I have started using and I wasn't a very active user, just from time to time a click here and there. After several months I've stopped using this faucet, because I didn't see the point - and that was dumb. About 6 years later the worth of my balance rose at about 60 times. That means that the approximately $12 worth of Bitcoin that I had back then, became about $712 in 2021. I was baffled, that stupid clicky thing gave me $712. And I am glad about that. But imagine if I had used it more often throughout several years. Who knows how much money this could have created? Probably tens of thousands of dollars. But sadly it didn't. After this weird situation, I'll definitely use it again and hope for another rise in value. And guess what? It's totally free, so you should try as well.

All you need to do is click the "roll" button and a appear in the of 0 to 10000 will appear and determine how you'll receive. With the value of BTC at $37.266,22 at the beginning of June 2021:
Number 0 - 9885 -> 0.00000002 BTC = $0.00074
Number 9886 - 9985 -> 0.00000054 BTC = $0.02
Number 9986 - 9993 -> 0.00000536 BTC = $0,20
Number 9994 - 9997 -> 0.00005364 BTC = $2
Number 9998 - 9999 -> 0.00053638 BTC = $19.99
Number 10000 -> 0.00536377 BTC = $199.88
You can click the "roll" button once per hour.

I was not fortunate enough to roll a 10000 but I have manage to roll a number in the first, second and fourth category. So it's very likely that the third category can be rolled as well. I have no prove that category 5 and 6 rolls are possible. But I assume they are, because to me this faucet was always very fair and reliable.

So what can you maximally earn? 0.00000002 BTC x 24 = 0.00000048 BTC per day, for rolls in the 0 - 9885 range.
So per year 0.00000048 LTC x 365 = 0.0001752 BTC which is equal to $6,52. That doesn't seem to be quite a lot. But as already mentioned, it is definitely possible to roll the numbers in the higher tiers. Theoretically you can roll up to 8760 times per year. That doesn't guarantee anything but since I was able to do it, being a not extremely active user, I guess everybody can as well.

This faucet became in fact so popular, that many other faucets basically copied its concept, like several faucets that I've already reviewed (Dash, LTC, Chainlink, DOGE)

Depending on the usage of VPNs or other security measures the design of this faucet may appear distorted. Just try another device or a different browser to make it look the way it should. But it shouldn't affect the functionality.

The minimum withdrawal value is 0.0003 BTC. You can choose automated withdrawals for free.

I have not found another faucet with that many positive reviews so far. Of course there bad reviews as well, these criticize the betting game being unfair or having problems with depositing BTC into their wallet. So maybe you should avoid doing that. I despise gambling, so I haven't used this option and can't rate it. It's all about the faucet to me.

As already stated, this faucet is the most recommendable one I have found so far, give it a try and register with this link. Even if the price shouldn't skyrocket again, at least it's free and reliable and will pay out.


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