Dash faucet review: FreeDash

By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 31 May 2021

Dash is an old crypto currency which was created in 2014. It was rebranded twice, and was previously known under the names Darkcoin and Xcoin. It was supposed to be the better Bitcoin, offering better privacy and quicker transaciton. At the end of May 2021 the price per Dash is at $186. Dash reached its peak value at almost $1500 in December 2017. Due to the severe inflation in Venezuela, it become the most popular crypto currency over there, which added quite a lot to its value. Here a big report on that topic:

FreeDash is another freetbitco.in clone which offers little amounts of Dash once per hour. The values translated into US-dollars are the same as freechainlink offers, because they are both created by the same team.

Number 0 - 9885 -> 0.00000160 DASH = $0.0003
Number 9886 - 9985 -> 0.00015958 DASH = $0.03
Number 9986 - 9993 -> 0.00159583 DASH = $0.3
Number 9994 - 9997 -> 0.01595830 DASH = $3
Number 9998 - 9999 -> 0.15958296 DASH = $30
Number 10000 -> 1.59582957 DASH = $300

So far I had no luck in rolling any number above 9885, so it's hard to say if it is actually possible.

Optional free "rolls" are possible by clicking on paid links. This works only when adblockers are turned off.

Let's take a look at what you could theoretically get out of this faucet:
0.00000160 x 24 = 0.0000384 DASH per day, for rolls in the 0 - 9885 range. So per year a maximum of 0.014016 DASH is possible, which is about $2,62 and that's almost nothing. But if South America will keep using it, the value may rise. If it reaches its old peak of $1500 per DASH again, the value of whatever you get will increase by ten times... or not if the value stays or drops.

The minimum required for payouts is 0.01 DASH.

There are no reliable reviews online, scam-detector gives FreeDash a rating of 58/100, which is mediodre and doesn't tell a lot.

The future of DASH is quite foggy but if you care to try it please register with this link, maybe DASH will become the Euro of South America, but it probably won't.

(I'll update this article if new information is available)

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