Litecoin faucet review: Free-Litecoin

By Nabeshin | Faucet Reviews | 30 May 2021

Litecoin is one of the many Bitcoin clones using the SHA-256 algorithm. But this one actually gained some popularity, although it is technically a shitcoin like DOGE. If Bitcoin was the crypto equivalent of gold, so was Litecoin supposed to be the equivalent of silver. 

Litecoin was quite actively mined and traded at the beginning of its existence. Then it got very quiet about Litecoin and you could buy 1 LTC for about a dollar. Litecoin reached its price peak in May 2021 with about $410 per LTC. Now At the end of May 2021 its value dropped to $172.

Free-Litecoin offers micro amounts of Litecoin once per hour. Free-Litecoin is one of these freebitcoin clone faucets, where you click a button and a number between 0 and 10000 will show up. The number determines your outcome.

Number 0 - 9885 -> 0.00000433 LTC = $0.00074
Number 9886 - 9985 -> 0.00004616 LTC = $0.008
Number 9986 - 9993 -> 0.00115390 LTC = $0.2
Number 9994 - 9997 -> 0.01153904 LTC = $1.99
Number 9998 - 9999 -> 0.11539036 LTC = $19.94
Number 10000 -> 1.15390361 = $199.47

So the most important question: Is it possible to roll any number above 9885? Well I can't say I rolled a 10000 but I've managed to roll a number in the 9886 to 9985 range twice. So at least that works definitely.

So what can be earned per day and per year by clicking this faucet? 0.00000433 LTC x 24 = 0.00010392 LTC per day, for rolls in the 0 - 9885 range.
So per year 0.00010392 LTC x 365 = 0.0379308 LTC which is equal to $6,55. That's weak but everything is counted by using the minimum possible. Compared to the previously reviewed Chainlink faucet, this one gives out very small amounts.

For some reason youtube is filled with all kinds of amazing forecasts for 2021, that Litecoin will exceed $1000. So maybe even if this faucet only gives you very little amounts, it may become a lot in several months. Here is one of these forecast videos:

The minimum withdrawal value is 0.004 LTC and the network fee is 0.001 LTC (about $0.17).

The online ratings are very mixed, either very good ratings, or very bad ratings, as it can be found on truspilot. So I guess it can be used, but you should not deposit anything as long as it's not clear if they actually pay or not.

I'm giving it a try, if you like to join me and get some free LTC register with this link. Maybe we're lucky and we'll profit from a price explosion.

(As soon as I have any new info on this faucet I will update this article)

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