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By Bologna | Faucet Living | 25 Aug 2020

Coinpot is a safe and reliable microwallet and faucet platform that I have been using as longer than any other crypto faucet. There are a 5 different coins you can earn as well as Coinpot Tokens that have a stable conversion rate of 100 to $.01, or 1 cent per 100 Coinpot Tokens.


There are seven different faucets associated with Coinpot that all deposit into one's Coinpot account. Each of the Moon faucets can be claimed every 5 minutes and will accumulate more value based on how long you wait.

You can also earn a 1% loyalty bonus every day you claim up 100%, potentially doubling your claim amount!

There is also a random mystery bonus that can be up to 100%, allowing you to earn even more from claiming.

You also get at least 3 Coinpot Tokens every single time you claim.


Moon Bitcoin

Bit Fun

Bonus Bitcoin - High Earning Potential + 5% daily interest


Moon Litecoin


Moon Doge

Bitcoin Cash:

Moon Cash


Moon Dash

Rewards and Interest:


One can earn up to 54% annual compound interest on Coinpot Tokens just by holding the tokens in one's account! The base rate for interest starts at 7% for 5,000 tokens and incrementally increases based on one's holdings. 

There are other rewards for holding large amounts of Coinpot Tokens as well, such as an increase from 3 tokens per claim up to a potential of 6 tokens per claim. 

One also receives a substantial amount of free lottery tickets that can be used in the in-site lottery system for a chance to win lots of tokens!




Coinpot and all of its faucets are among the most reliable and most generous faucets that I've come across. It is certainly worth one's time to build up a loyalty bonus and a holding of Coinpot tokens to transform a generous active form of faucet claiming into an even more generous passive form. 



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