XLM Holders Warning! Latest XLM PHISHING SCAM!!!
XLM Holders Warning! Latest XLM PHISHING SCAM!!!

By FarewelltoMinds | Farewell2Minds | 22 Feb 2020

Hey folks, stay vigilant out there. 

I was checking through my wallets this morning, something I regularly do just to make sure nothing is missing. 

I was surprised to see a deposit in my XLM Solar wallet. Checking the memo it stated a website. YOU SHOULD NOT GO THERE. THIS IS A SCAM.


Anyway I was curious so I went there. The website is basic and it has an XLM logo in the upper corner, which links to the official website for Stellar Lumens. 

The site says "we did a snapshot! claim your airdrop!" or something like that. They quote the XLM Whitepaper to make it sound legit. 

The first step is asking for your public address. This is something they already knew, as they sent me that memo. But I went ahead and inputted my public address. 

Then it told me I was gifted a portion of XLM. This is the next step where they get you!


First they look legit and tell you that you will earn 25% of your current balance. 

Then they say in order to "sign the request" you need to input...?

Your secret key. 

Baby No GIF by moodman

Never, NEVER, input your secret key. Keep this rule in mind and you'll never get scammed. 

Anyway, I saw that and checked on the reddit and lo and behold, people were warning about it.

So this is my warning to the XLM holders of Publish0x. Don't get scammed! Don't give people your secret key! 

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