ADA and DOT to the moon

Why ADA and DOT may continue to surge

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 15 May 2021

Bitcoin would not be eco-friendly. Not accepted by Tesla anymore. The love story between Elon & Bitcoin is over. Such a shame.

Let's forget Bitcoin. What are the options?

1. To listen to Elon. He only rejected Bitcoin. He also said he is talking with Dogecoin development team to see how to improve it. Does it mean you should buy DOGE? Not sure, because Elon is unpredictable. Maybe he will announce that Tesla will launch its own crypto, and then DOGE will dump... Who knows?

2. To search for the most eco-friendly crypto: ADA and DOT are good candidates, as well as the other proof-of-stake tokens: ALGO, AVAX, EGLD, ETH 2.0, FTM, KSM, SOL, VET, XTZ... Most of the new projects are proof-of-stake, and all these tokens have a great potential.

Among these cryptos, ADA and DOT could be the most promising ones: they have grown a lot and may continue to surge. Their growth has not been as spectacular as DOGE or SHIB, but it looks more consistent. KSM, the little brother of DOT, also has a great future.

It is only my point of view. I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research and click on this link to get more insight into cryptos.

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