Do you own some JOKE coins?
Joke coins are growing

Do you own some JOKE coins?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 2 Mar 2021

Further to some useful comments on one my previous articles, I have decided to rename the shitcoins the "Joke coins"... I was not a big fan of the term "shitcoins" either, and when I think about Dogecoin, I think about a joke rather than a sh... Therefore, I propose three categories as follows:

  • AAA: Top coins, considered as valuable by 90%+ of community
  • BBB: Useful coins, considered as valuable by 50%+ of community
  • JJJ: Joke coins, not really useful or sounding like a joke (subjective)

Let's start by filling out these categories:

  • AAA - Top coins
    • Bitcoin BTC: a speculative real asset rather than a currency - should remain #1 for a long time due to its market cap and reputation
    • USDT, USDC, TUSD, DAI, BUSD: the most well-known stablecoins
    • Ethereum ETH, Cardano ADA, Polkadot DOT, Tezos XTZ: the future
    • YFI, UNI, COMP, SNX, 1INCH and other Ethereum DeFi tokens
    • Chainlink LINK, BAT, GRT and other ERC20 utility tokens
    • Binance BNB: BSC is a real alternative to Ethereum network
    • Dash and Monero XMR: some of the best privacy coins
  • BBB - Useful coins
    • Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH and Stellar XLM: useful dinosaurs which can easily be used for payments, unlike BTC
    • Ampleforth and BDO: elastic and algorithmic stablecoins working pretty well - safety still to be confirmed
    • Algorand ALGO, Near Protocol NEAR, Zilliqa ZIL: all quite innovative, popular enough to become top coins?
    • PancakeSwap CAKE, BakerySwap BAKE, Autofarm AUTO: my favorites on the BSC - long term viability to be confirmed
    • Band Protocol BAND, THETA and IoTex IOTX which all have their utility but have still to grow before becoming AAA
    • Elrond EGLD, CRO: huge potential coins
    • Ripple XRP: despite the lawsuit, they are moving forward, and their community is strong in some countries - e.g. Japan 
    • Zcash ZEC: competitor of Dash and Monero
  • JJJ - Joke coins
    • Dogecoin DOGE and Banano BAN: DOGE the best joke ever and BAN might be a challenger
    • Minereum MNE, KickToken KICK, XY Oracle XYO: good jokes as well
    • EOS and Tron: according to some experts, blockchains are great, but these both coins sound like a joke - open to comments
    • Viking Swap VIKING, Kebab Finance KEBAB and other clones of PancakeSwap: beware of the rug pull, could be a bad joke
    • Grin GRIN and other almost unknown privacy coins...

Please feel free to vote for the coins in which you believe. For instance, if most of you defend a JJJ coin, we will see if it can be moved to BBB or AAA...

The next step will be to make some long term predictions... The final goal is to build a tool helping to decide on which coin to invest for the long term.

At the end of the day, it's up to us to make the success of a coin. It becomes valuable when many people believe in it. DOGE can pump again.

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