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By Cryptofab | Cointune | 16 Apr 2021

The weekend is there, no professional trader with us - we can play for fun.

Before investing into new coins, let's have a look at the performance of some coins vs. BTC over the last 7 days:

1) Top winners - there are 3 subgroups

  • DOGE: +469% (vs. BTC - over the last 7 days)
  • XRP: +50%
  • TRX: +24% / LINK: +21% / ATOM: +19% / BNB: +16% / UNI: +14% / XTZ: +12% / EGLD: +11% / ETH: +10% / FIL: 10%

I hope you have already invested in one of these coins. Otherwise, it might not be too late... For some of them only. Needless to say that DOGE performance is completely crazy and that the future is unpredictable for that coin... Elon's effect. Personally, I would keep a bit of it... Just to see.

XRP performance further to the SEC update has been impressive as well, although it is an order of magnitude below... Would keep a bit of it too.

The other winners above have made a performance in the range of 10% to 25%. No preference. They can all continue to grow. I would hodl them.

2) Top losers - there are 3 subgroups too

  • HOT: -26% / WIN: -24% / BTT: - 23%
  • ONE: -17% / NEAR: -13% / SOL: -10%
  • FTM: -7% / DOT: -5% / THETA: -5%

The biggest top losers like WIN or BTT have dumped because they had pumped too much previously. I would not keep any of them. Just my opinion...

The coins which have decreased by 10% or a bit more like SOL, NEAR or ONE have all a solid project. The discounted price is an opportunity to get more.

The other coins like FTM, DOT and THETA have well resisted, without big damage, and remain excellent investments for the next few weeks or months.

As usual, this is not a financial advice, just my thoughts and gut feeling. Please do your own research, and remember crypto is about long term.

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