My Crypto Goals for the Summer of 2020

My Crypto Goals for the Summer of 2020

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 12 Jun 2020

In my corner of the world, summer is a time of sunshine, gardening, and vacationing. However due to coronavirus, I will be spending significantly more time at home – working in the garden, doing some painting/household chores, and most relevant to Publish0x, expanding my crypto portfolio. Being more homebound than usual, it is the perfect time to grow my cryptocurrency portfolio, diversity my holdings, and learn more about the crypto and blockchain space.

Here are my 5 Crypto Goals for this summer:

1. Diversify holdings – I am still very new to crypto in terms of the value of my holdings. I have only a handful of coins and tokens and would like to expand this to include a more meaningful position in other growing or dominant tokens such as Ethereum, Vechain, and Cardano. For my holdings, I don’t know the winning horse (there might be dozens of winners), so I am looking to “deconcentrate” my holdings.

2. Set up regular investments – So far my crypto holdings have come from small amounts I have received from various reward and cash back programs. I hope to start regularly investing with my personal funds. Now I just have to find a reliable low-cost exchange…

3. Grow POS tokens – I have to admit my personal bias that is emerging in focusing on Proof of Stake tokens and coins such as Tron, Cosmos, Tezos, Neo, etc. Keeping that in mind, the positions that I do have are still modest. I hope to continue to invest in these tokens (while not ignoring Bitcoin and others), seeing the staking and baking rewards as a potential source of income for future investments.

4. Keep writing for Publish0x – I am interested in exploring and learning more about the crypto space. I believe that the best way to learn is to teach (via writing!), so I look forward to continuing to write here on Publish0x

5. Keep learning – There are many great authors on this site and many exciting new crypto projects and developments. I will keep seeking out new information and broadening my horizons.

Thank you for reading. What are your crypto goals? Please comment with any thoughts you have.

Exponential Explore
Exponential Explore

This blog will serve as a launchpad to exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. I will explore how to use crypto and new and interesting projects. The best way to learn is to to teach and write.

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