How to Stake Atomic Wallet Coin

One incentive to sign up for Atomic Wallet is their token, Atomic Wallet Coin, or AWC. I signed and set up my wallet as part of the Atomic Wallet writing contest here on Publish0x last month. So far I have tested a number of features – exchanging, receiving, sending, and staking – but I had to wait until the “next month” to receive AWC and try out the staking. So now that the coins have arrived, I am heading to the Staking portion of the wallet to give it a shot.


The first thing I notice are a few helpful pieces of information. On the staking tab for AWC it lists available, staked, and total AWC, giving a breakdown of where your tokens are. Below that it gives the estimated rewards based on the amount of AWC. Because I have only 15 AWC I should receive 17%.

Staking AWC

When I click on Stake, I am again shown how much I have, my estimated yearly yield (3 AWC is not too shabby!), and the fact that I “should have 0.005 BNB to stake AWC” as this is a token on the Binance blockchain. Unfortunately I do not have any BNB on Atomic, so I am once again off to the exchange to get some.


I do a quick exchange of just over the minimum amount of Bitcoin to swap and wait. After a few minutes, I receive the BNB (0.15 BNB should be more than enough) and I head back to the Staking tab.


This time there was nothing standing in my way and I got to staking right away. I haven’t received any rewards yet, but with the words “every week”, I’m not expecting them for a few more days. Once it works, I will update all of my fantastic readers on the amount and process.

Update: It worked! Just a few hours after I typed up this post, I received my first staking reward! I promptly staked it with no problems.


One side note, I have seen updates (on their site and here on Publish0x) about various membership levels and cashback from using AWC and Atomic Wallet, but for now they appear to only be visible on the desktop version. If it becomes I readily available, I will give it a try, make a tutorial, and a review.


Overall, staking AWC was easy and straightforward, just like most features of the Atomic Wallet. I look forward to testing out additional features, and if you’re interested too, use my promo code 19RENC to get started with 10 free AWC and a bonus 5 AWC when you sign up (just make sure you have the right balance).


Or sign up for the Fold app and receive 20,000 sats for free.

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