Another update on an announcement about an announcement - Staking TRX for SUN

The word salad title is meant as a joke about yet another update on Tron’s SUN token distribution. It was teased that SUN might be released earlier than the original September 16th date and there are now more details about the distribution.

The first rewards will be claimable on September 11th at 11 am (HKT), depending on when the tokens were earned. There will be additional opportunities to claim rewards daily through September 16th, when all tokens can be withdrawn.

Looking forward I am still thinking about and wondering about the value of the tokens when they hit exchanges. We do not know the extent that individuals will sell, buy, or hodl. Furthermore, this is only Genesis Mining. There are more staking opportunities on the horizon as well as other defi projects on Tron.

Thanks for reading! I'm sure there will be more information and updates coming soon, but if you're interested on more details, check out Tron Foundation’s Medium post.

Special thanks to user @Lespion who pointed out that the SUN platform is now displaying your share of tokens, which will help us plan for when and how to claim.

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