Will the SUN be rising early? Quick Update

Changes might be coming to Tron’s Defi platform SUN. With billions of TRX staked at the time of writing, no one can deny there is interest and excitement for SUN. The Genesis Mining started on September 2nd and was supposed to run until September 16th, 2 weeks in total. However this may no longer be the case with a recent tweet by Justin Sun (and retweeted by the SUN project’s twitter):

Of course what is often the case when there is an announcement about an announcement, you don’t necessarily learn a lot. It appears we will have to wait to see what “earlier than planned" means, but the tokens may be distributed earlier than many think. In the meantime there are still a lot of questions about the value of the SUN token after Genesis Mining and what SUN will look like with future mining using JST and other tokens.

Thanks for reading this quick update! Please comment if you have any thoughts on SUN!

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