Excelencia's TheComparisonStatsSeries 18 : one year ago(2022) and yesterday wednesday, July 19 2023.

By excelencia | excelencia | 20 Jul 2023

Yesterday one year ago(2022) it was a tuesday...  and also  day 104 of Excelencia's TheDailyStatsSeries...      


and yesterday, also July 19  but in this year 2023 ,it was wednesday...and also day 18 of Excelencia's TheComparisonStatsSeries... 


Wednesday's July 19 2023 most tipped post,

written by Cryptonator`s | Cryptonator`s Shitcoin Collection,and for the second day in a row, was:

Click in the picture below to open the post:     


Todays thursday Excelencia's recommendation for a great post to read:




Stay alert for following episodes and thanks for your attention, likes and tips.

Cheers and may You all have a wonderfull thursday today!



                                          Photo by cottonbro studio                        

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