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By almontubo | evoow, It's about ALL | 21 Apr 2021

Elornd is a great blockchain, technically ineccepible, high thrughput, low fees, fast transaction. But although these features are present in other blockchain such as solana, polkadot, etc... Elrond team is very good in involving community, and maiar app is a perfect example on doing it.

Maiar app is a very simple app, downloadable for android and ios, and after the download you have a non custodial wallet for elrond, ethereum and bsc (support for more blockchains in future). So directly from the app you can send, receive, stake, set periodic reminders for buying crypto. It's really cool. But the most important thing it is simple. And this is the most important feature for the mass adoption that crypto world needs.

So if you want try it out, it is a referral of course, but if you buy at least 200$ of egld in app you get 10$ of egld free. SPREAD the word, Elrond is future!

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evoow, It's about ALL
evoow, It's about ALL

I'd like to imagine this as a space to free my mind where I tell something that is passing through my head. What else.... Enjoy

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