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Braintrust is a user-owned, talent network. It does not charge any commission from the talent. For talent matching, it charges a 10 percent flat fee from the clients. The 10 percent fee is reimbursed to the nodes who bring in the client. Nodes earn 10 percent and Braintrust tokens. One problem that became noticeable was the treasury depletion with every payment. Given the fixed supply of the tokens, the treasury needed replenishment. There was also a need to create value and utility for the token. The Braintrust converter solved both.
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What the fee converter does: Every time a client pays fees on Braintrust, that gets converted into BTRST and fed back to the community. The demand for BTRST is now programmatically linked to the GSV (gross service value) of the network as 10% of all GSV will be used to purchase BTRST. 


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