A Participant's View: Torum Art Contest and Art Auction for Charity

By Marcusblue | Musings About Crypto | 16 Mar 2022

Torum is a SocialFi ecosystem for cryptocurrency users and projects. Aside from being a social media platform, it also has an NFT marketplace for its Avatar NFTs, and a DeFi yield-farming platform. XTM is the multichain utility token of Torum ecosystem available in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and HECO Chain. The XTM token is now listed on Kucoin, Huobi, Uniswap and Pancakeswap. If you want to know more about Torum, XTM or Torum features, you can check out the whitepaper here or read through existing blog posts in Publish0x from MakeItReal Torum Ambassador.

What I wanted to talk about in my post is the recently concluded Torum Art Contest and also update you about the ongoing Torum Art Auction for charity.

Yes, when I say art, I mean NFTs and this is a perfect time for a BlogToon NFT below. Check out how to get this 1:1 NFT at the end of the article.  


Torum Art Contest

The Torum Art Contest and related activities were organized by the Torum community, supported by Team Torum. The Torum Art Contest had two parts; a Torum ArtBlitz and Torum Themed Contest.

Beautiful art works were submitted. There are digitized art, digital art, digitized poem and music NFT. It was quite interesting seeing different artists with various styles and mediums. I submitted my NFT art works below ("Skitty the Cat" and "New King on the Block") for ArtBlitz and Themed Contest, respectively and was fortunate enough to be in the Top 10. Well, the Themed Contest have 9 participants so everyone won. 


For the ArtBlitz, an artist needs to submit an existing art work on any theme or subject within 3 days (Feb 7 to 9). 18 Torum artists participated in the ArtBlitz contest with below result.


For the Themed Contest, an artist needs to submit an art work with the theme "Torum Spirit" within 16 days (Feb 12-27). Nine artists participated in the Themed contest. 


Awards for the contests were all donations from generous Torum sponsors. Prizes were awarded according to community votes and Judges' votes. The awards are cool Torum gifts you can see below. These Torum gifts are cute and eye-catching and have equivalent XTM token value. I would like to see more of these in my Torum profile. To have more gifts, quality content creation in Torum is key. If you want to understand how Torum gifting works, visit Torum and have a read here.


Torum Art Auction

The Torum Art Auction or Torum Charity Auction is an NFT art auction launched March 10 in Torum after the contests. 

The charity drive has a modest target of USD 250 in wETH + 1,000 WAX. Any type of art work is allowed provided that it was minted with a max of 15 copies or less. The Torum Art Auction is limited to the Polygon and Wax blockchain.

The great thing about the auction is that both artists and collectors are welcome to donate NFTs to the Torum Art Auction Opensea Polygon account and Atomic Hub account. The minimum bid for all works is set at 0.0055 wETH (Opensea) and 50 WAX (Atomic Hub). NFT pieces without bids will remain on offer indefinitely, but once a bid is placed, their auction will begin and run for 48 hours.

For more information about the Torum Art Auction, please read this blog post from FeedmyPsyche here. Although, you can check for real-time updates in the Torum community itself.

The Torum Landers' community already voted to support a charity that safeguards the well-being of children and provides mental health support and can be checked here. The beneficiary NGO will be subjected to due diligence performed by a Team Torum representative.

I donated some of my NFT pieces to the Torum Art Auction. If you want to discover great NFT pieces to your liking and help with the charity donation, join the Torum Art Auction and see for yourself, bid and participate and help contribute to charity.


I participated in the Torum Art Contests without expectations and I was surprised on how fun it was. Placing in the Top 10 was a plus, but the best prize was getting to know the warm and accommodating Torum community.

I also came to realize the diverse talent available in Torum and how these events paved the way for getting these talents and the community to unite for a common cause. If you visit Torum, seek out the hardworking masterminds of this dope event, namely Tigerius, NekoDiego and Jordanvinu and give them a follow. I am sure more Torum community-organized activities will be in the works soon so stay tuned.

BlogToon NFT Project

BlogToon #03 is now available in OpenSea here. For this drop and future drops, follow BlogToon Instagram and Twitter pages.

Hope I was able to provide some useful insights. If you reached the end of this article, thank you. Please show your support with a like, comment or a tip. It would be greatly appreciated. Please follow Marcusblue Instagram and Twitter pages. Thank you for your support and appreciation.

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