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By lasthero | Everyday Father | 4 Mar 2022

Its been a long time since I've posted here and in that time a lot has happened.  Work has kept me consistently occupied and enjoying time with family is one thing I've done more of ever since the pandemic has been raging on.  Really the pandemic made me focus on things that matter and try to tune out a lot of the noise.  With all that, I've also been really busy in the NFT/P2E space and exploring many projects out there.  Some which are complete junk and many which still contain the problems I've highlighted in my previous post.  What I've begun to realize is even though some promising projects contain the issues I've highlighted before, you begin to see those with a solid enough team/idea that might overcome these challenges in their roadmap.  Here are 3 upcoming projects I am exploring and just giving them a bit more of my time as I believe they could be something special down the line.

1.  Ukiyo (Eth/Immutable X Project)




This is still an extremely early project and I would usually not put such an extremely project in my list with so few details, and I would suggest still to do your own research heavily on this.  But I believe there is something special here, Ukiyo is an upcoming MMORPG that will contain all the traditional features of an MMORPG such as PVP, class system, skills, dungeons and much more.  The plan will be that the game will be F2P for all to enjoy while leveraging the ETH/IMX blockchain to provide the ability to P2E through earnings of tokens and sales of NFTs.  The discord is still extremely new and this is a chance for anyone who wants to get access to a whitelist to be able to do it now.  There are usually multiple giveaways and contests that are currently ongoing, this is one of your best chances to get in really early on what looks to be an extremely promising project.  

You might ask what makes this project any different from so many others and hands down I would say its the community and my love for anime-centric things, take a look at their discord server and give it a look.


2.  Blockchain Brawlers (WAX/Binance)




Blockchain brawlers looks to be one of the blue chip projects that will exist for the WAX ecosystem.  In a nut shell Blockchain Brawlers is a wrestling simulation that looks to try to replicate the 80s and 90s wrestling with compelling narratives and hilarity that existed in wrestling for those of you that are old enough to remember the 80s and 90s.  Currently Blockchain Brawlers have hosted 1 of 1 Legendary Wrestler auctions on both the Binance and WAX blockchains.  3 Pack sales have also recently concluded the Brawler Pack, Gear pack and a Ric Flair(google this if you don't know who Ric Flair is) collab pack.  There aren't any more planned pack sales at this point, the only way to get involved now would be through the secondary market.  This project will look to integrate a NFT bridge between BSC and WAX a first for both of these blockchains and might be a first across any blockchains with such differing code bases.  The game itself will be played though on the WAX blockchain.

What makes this project special and one to watch out for in my eyes is the team, the developers of this project are the actual developers of the WAX blockchain and the company itself is directly involved with this.  They have every incentive to make their first offering in the P2E space soar.  It's also being supported by Binance and we all know what a large player they are in the blockchain space.  The old saying goes don't bet on the horse, bet on the jockey rings true here.  There's a lot of pedigree and people with actual game development experience in this project and it's definitely one to watch.


3. Goldmand (WAX)




For those of you familiar with the WAX blockchain space, this is a project you should be watching if not already involved.  It aims to be basically a marriage of the brightest ideas of AlienWorlds and Farmers World combined.  The economy resembles Farmers World 3 token system, and the game play more closely resemble AlienWorlds.  There are already plans in place to make this a interesting PVP experience and the dev team are actively working and making extremely frequent updates. 

If you're interested feel free to take a look at my referral link.


Closing thoughts:

While I think the three above are projects I think are valuable and worth my time to spend on.  I think all 3 of these projects still suffer from some of the big issues surrounding the NFT/P2E space.  Projects are still early and can have a poor user experience/bug ridden, boring, etc.  But these three projects due to each of their own unique reasons have the ability surpass these issues and truly be something special.







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