Top 3 Problems Plauging Most NFT Games

By lasthero | Everyday Father | 22 Aug 2021

I'm sure there are many of you out there like my self who have started to notice these abundances of new NFT games that exist out there.  Like many of you, you read about a new game and are like cool the concept sounds nice and proceed to go to the site and spend maybe some money to buy the native token and see what the game is all about all giddy about the prospect of playing this new game.


What comes next will widely differ depending on who you are but I can say for those of us who have played many AAA games that what we experience is utter shock, horror and frankly disgust.




1. High Barrier to Entry (cost)

Sure this isn't the case for all NFT games out there but this is especially true of some of the more popular ones, looking at you Axie and Cryptoblades.  Come on devs I know everyone is trying to get on the NFT hype train, or maybe that once upon a time your token was extremely low cost but the barrier to entry for these games is ridiculous especially if you weren't in there at the ground level to begin with.  I have no qualms of giving maybe some advantages to long time players but there needs be a reasonable way for a new person to start if you want to get a larger player base.  I should not need to spend thousands just to get started, no game should ever be like this.




2. Grinding/Boring

Lots of the NFT games out there just want you to grind to build exp or whatever and in order to do so you usually burn some native token.  This is a garbage and lazy mechanic guys.  Listen I understand even in normal gaming sometimes (ie MMORPGs) the grind is a part of the game but to grind and have to burn money to do it, we need to be better and find a better way.  This is a poor excuse to burn more tokens to make your token price higher.  There are not enough what I'll call competitive pvp games out there in the NFT Game space, everything revolves around grinding or trying to make money.  If you want to make fun games, make a fun game, tokens and everything else revolving around that should be secondary.







3. Lack of polish/Bugs

Its like every NFT game wants to release themselves as an alpha and launch with a million bugs or general errors that would make a novice programmer want to cry.  Lets stop trying to beat everyone to the punch and launching a half baked half ass product, this is only going to hurt you in the long run and also leaves a sour taste for those out there trying to actually play the game vs earning some token.


Ultimately I'm a gamer first and the NFT/Crypto part of it can come second and this should be how any new dev getting into the NFT/crypto gaming space should approach their games.  If you work the other way around all you end up creating is a half baked product that could be mildly fun for those who get into the game early and extremely frustrating for those who are new comers.  Lets spend some effort and make the game engaging and break away some of the more boring gaming mechanics out there (ie rpg grinding), make some fun PVP games where we reward skill.  I don't want to play a game where someone is "better" than me just because they've been staking your token for longer than I have.  In the rush to create play to earn games, they quickly become pay to win.  Honestly, if its not fun its basically work, in which case I much rather work and farm fiat.  You may be first to be in the NFT space but guarantee those companies out there (including traditional AAA companies) who decide to create a "fun" game will the ones to laugh last.

While reading the last few paragraphs you might think I think every crypto game out there sucks, but that's not the case and there does seem to be games out there that are breaking the mould a little and are trying to create a gaming experience first, Embersword and Guild of Guardians looks particularly good.  I have still yet to find something in the PVP realm akin to Starcraft or League of Legends though which is what I would ultimately look for.




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