3 NFT/Gaming Projects I'm Exploring

By lasthero | Everyday Father | 3 Oct 2021

Everyone and their mother seems to be launching a new NFT or gaming project everyday and honestly for normal people like myself there's too much to read on and too much to get lost in.  If you've read another of my previous articles on problems with "blockchain" gaming you'll know that this space is just rife with shit that just isn't fun or just impossible to get into because of the sheer cost.  Below are actually 3 projects that I stumbled upon either through sheer luck or read about previously.  Not to say they aren't also plagued with some of the problems I highlighted but for one reason or another they have piqued an interest in me.


1.  Guild of Guardians (ETH/ImmutableX project)




I think this one many people have seen or heard about, its a mobile RPG that's being developed and actually looks like it'll be a fun game to play and looks like it has a decent team behind them.  While the part that annoys me is all there is right now is a marketplace for those who actually got into the game early to trade.  There will be multiple waves of  hero sales, I think I missed two of them already however I was lucky to have won a chance to buy some heroes as part of the Wave 2 early adopters sale which I am still waiting upon. 


Although being honest with most of you here, this project suffers from many of the same problems 99% of the NFT/Blockchain games suffer from which is its still a project and there's nothing truly functional to play with yet.  So while I can't recommend you to go ahead and try your luck to go buy some heroes, I will say its at least worth it to do some research and just explore some of the materials out there. 


2.  MoonieNFT (ETH/BNB project)




I saw this little project through my twitter and it looked interesting enough to at least take a look at.  The premise behind this project essentially is buying their NFTs to participate in chances of winning a lottery.   The NFTs are little pixel characters based off of well known cryptocurrencies (ie. BTC/ETH/DOGE) , and the lottery is essentially based on the cryptocurrencies hitting a certain price target before the others.  If that happens there's a chance you may win this lottery.  There is also going to be other little arcade games that will level up your characters as well as LP-Staking.  I'm sure I don't do this project justice by just trying to sum up what they are doing in 3 sentences so I highly suggest you look this project up. 


Now you might be wondering wait, this project looks pretty boring and just like every other NFT project out there and to a certain degree I 100% agree with you.  What made this project stick out a little vs the rest really is the cost/barrier to entry was lower than some out there and the concept of a price race seemed neat.  Would I recommend this to you right now? No I also probably wouldn't outside of buying chests to randomly generate your NFT there really isn't anything else with this project right now, although from what I am reading there will be an arcade game that will launch this month.  Give it a look, and if it piques your interest explore more, otherwise move on.


3.   Moonstones (WAX project)




This is honestly the most interesting of the bunch for me and not for some of the common reasons one might be interested in projects.  I actually discovered this project when I saw a few posts on it here on Publish0x from one of the creators.  As I dove into the community a bit more I ended up buying an NFT that whitelisted me for drops and just bought a few here and there.  Barrier to entry is relatively low but in terms of an actual game or it being fun, there is absolutely nothing right now.  From the whitepaper the best summary for this game is it'll be some type of browser RPG. 


Its a project that lives as a sparkle in the eye of the creators right now.  If you are exploring this project and buying the NFTs you are betting on the future essentially (although this is probably true of almost everything in the crypto world).  You might ask then why should you even bother with this?  As I mentioned earlier, it's for something different than one might think.  What attracted me was the awesomeness of the discord community whom were extremely helpful and devs extremely engaging with their minigames and giveaways.  I also enjoyed the organic nature that they are trying to attract growth, it isn't spamming drops to try to get as much money as possible but they are moving at slow pace that they know they accomplish what they need.  They also don't promise anything, in this day and age of the marketing hype so many of these crypto projects are trying to generate I find this absolutely refreshing. 


So really its just an intangible feeling I got with this project that attracts me to it.  And if you're interested in exploring more look up their discord/twitter or you can use my discord invite link.


While I'm sure not all of these projects will take off or might not even last in the long run, they are ones that in some shape or form managed to grab timeshare from me and honestly that's saying a lot.  As a father and full time employee its already hard to find time for myself so to get myself somewhat excited on a project takes a lot and that's saying something for these three.



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