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By Equilibrium | Equilibrium | 20 May 2021


We recently announced our Kusama-based project Genshiro. It’s a canary network of Equilibrium and a DeFi parachain on Kusama.

We had great success with our ambassador program for Equilibrium and will be kicking off a similar effort for Genshiro. We will continue Equilibrium’s ambassador program as we always have, but our community will gain a new opportunity to earn GENS. As of right now, only EQ token holders can get GENS tokens via lockdrop. But as we unroll the Genshiro ambassador program, it presents users with a new way to earn GENS.

The total prize pool for ambassadors will be 300,000 GENS.

The campaign will last three months.

It starts on May 19, 2021.

How will it work?

You can join our program and earn points by completing the activities below, or by completing other tasks that we announce in our Telegram chat. We will track ambassador points using this leaderboard.

❗️ The team will check your work each Wednesday and update the leaderboard accordingly.

Each month the top 25 ambassadors will share the prize pool of 100,000 GENS, each receiving 4,000 tokens.

This will happen a total of three times. The first distribution will happen the month after the ambassador program starts. The leaderboard will be immediately reset for the second (and third) months.

Task 1: Gleam Campaign (100 points) (mandatory)

Complete Gleam tasks:

Submit your Gleam coupon to us here:

Invite your friends and get an extra 100 points. Find your individual referral link in the Gleam form above.

Task 2: Twitter comments (1 comment = 20 points)

Create comments about Genshiro by using these key messages.

  • The person you’re replying to should have at least 500 followers and his/her account should be related to DeFi, Kusama, Polkadot topics.
  • You can share up to 20 comments per day and earn 20 points per each comment.
  • You should mention @GenshiroDeFi and add different hashtags like #DeFi #Kusama #parachain $GENS #Polkadot #EquilbriumDefi to each comment.

Submit links to your comments here. You can submit up to 20 links at one time.

Task 3: Make a meme/GIF (150 points)

Create a funny meme/GIF about Genshiro and tweet it as a reply to other Polkadot- or DeFi-related tweets.

  • Don’t forget to mention @GenshiroDeFi and add different hashtags like #DeFi #Kusama #parachain $GENS #Polkadot #EquilbriumDefi.
  • Note: you are able to submit 1 meme and 1 GIF per 3 days.

Submit links to your content here.

On-demand activities

Ambassadors have the opportunity to earn additional points when they complete time-sensitive tasks based on guidance given in the ambassador group chat. These “on-demand” activities might involve retweeting a certain announcement, supporting us in a certain poll, or the like. Don’t miss these opportunities, join the Telegram chat


1. Your Twitter account is at least two months old.

2. You’ve tweeted or retweeted crypto content at least three times.

3. Your account’s bio section is crypto-oriented and doesn’t contain “airdrop” related words.

4. You tweet in English.

5. You have at least 50 followers.

6. The person you’re replying to should have at least 500 followers.

General rules

  • No inappropriate content.
  • Rewards are distributed solely at the Genshiro team’s discretion. You may receive a lower reward than you expected or no reward at all.
  • Only English content is eligible!
  • Using multiple accounts is forbidden.
  • We reserve the right to close the ambassador program at any time.

Where can I find my Kusama address?

A: Using Polkadot.js browser extension, click three dots right to your address and select “Kusama Relay Chain”. Copy the address.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Telegram chat:


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