The multichain framework for asset-backed stablecoins and DeFi products.

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Crypto DeFiance Wrap-Up

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  After much planning and anticipation, it’s happened: a critical mass of decentralized finance players and enthusiasts convened in Singapore the day after BlockShow Asia 2019 to cover just about every angle of the growing DeFi space. There were repr...

How To Use Equilibrium’s NUT Token

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Native Utility Token (NUT) is the core utility asset for the Equilibrium DeFi framework, widely used within products built on top of it. NUT grants access to many of these products’ features and governance powers. It is used for paying fees, accessin...

Equilibrium Is Hosting Crypto DeFiance During BlockShow Asia 2019

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On November 16, we are delighted to welcome you to the Equilibrum’s first Crypto DeFiance event in Singapore - at this event we aim to expand your knowledge about the DeFi ecosystem and the ongoing transformation of the world’s financial systems! Cry...