Genshiro Is Selling NFT Artworks To Fund Its Kusama Parachain Slot!

By Equilibrium | Equilibrium | 10 Jun 2021

We are building Genshiro, a canary network of Equilibrium, to be a game-changing DeFi platform of course, but we also like to imagine that it’s an atomic-powered food truck that serves up delicious crypto snacks to anyone fortunate enough to find it. In the same imaginative space where the food truck operates, we see a number of friendly cats that flock there to chow down on whatever snacks they can scrounge up, so we are releasing a limited run of NFTs pertaining to these dear felines.

Each NFT bears the image of a cat pertaining to a different cryptocurrency — BTC, ETH, DOT, KSM, GENS, and EQ will all be represented by our adorable kitty cat NFTs. We will place them on Rarible, a well-known NFT marketplace. The NFT auction starts on June 15 at 12 PM UTC. All the money raised will go toward covering our operational costs and will fund our bid for the Kusama parachain auction.

These NFTs come with a fun feature that depends on the real-time price of these various cryptocurrencies. Chainlink feeds price data to our NFT contracts, and when the underlying assets cross a certain price threshold — when BTC crosses $100,000, for example — it unlocks a golden version of each cat NFT. The Genshiro cats are like trading cards that can change appearance based on real-world price data!


All crypto cats will be minted on Ethereum in a single copy except EQ. One thousand cats representing EQ will be available on the Binance Smart Chain and distributed among Kusama PLO participants. You need to stake KSM on the Genshiro parachain during the Kusama auction here to get a chance to receive the EQ cat NFT for free. We will pick 1,000 participants who meet our requirements and send them EQ NFT cat as a reward!

Benefits to buying NFTs of this exclusive collection:

  • Each cat owner will get higher staking rewards than other participants over the course of our Kusama PLO.
  • NFT holders get a discount on interest rates for borrowing, and reduced trading fees on our Genshiro and Equilibrium platforms

By buying a cat, you are helping us win a Kusama parachan slot.

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