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Ajuna Adds EQD Stablecoin Support for In-Game Transactions <> XCM Integration to Follow

By Equilibrium | Equilibrium | 27 Jan 2023

We’re excited to announce EQD’s addition to the Ajuna Network as in-game currency for microtransactions. The move expands EQD utility, allowing holders to execute in-game purchases using the EQD stablecoin. Ajuna will launch the first season of their AAA games by the end of January. Our next steps towards deepening our relationship with Ajuna involve XCM integration, creating stronger bonds and greater interoperability between our ecosystems.

About Ajuna Network

A vendor-independent, community-governed ecosystem, which empowers the value-creators. Ajuna provides game creators with an API and a gaming & token economics toolbox, to connect any game to the blockchain and allows them to focus on their creative processes.

About Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a one-stop DeFi platform on Polkadot that allows for high leverage in trading and borrowing digital assets. It combines a full-fledged money market with an order book-based DEX. EQ is the native utility token that is used for communal governance of Equilibrium. xDOT is a liquid and tradeable wrapped DOT that unlocks liquidity of DOT locked in parachain auctions and delivers multiple crowdloan bonuses on Polkadot.

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