ITAM Games (ICO Date, Game IPs, and Mainnet Info)

By DogGodFrogLog | Enjin | 5 Jul 2019

We had the year of the ICO and this year is about the GAMES. Left, right, up, down, everywhere you spin around someone is releasing another crypto game. We've had some TCGs, some RPGs, they've even dropped a couple neat NFTs but the theme now is Platform Token. Who's going to build the best one? What kind of support will they offer developers? How exactly will their token work for digitizing assets in video games their network supports? How will they encourage players to build a community?


ITAM Games is stepping up to the plate and they're ready to knock it out. Operating as a blockchain gaming platform for the EOS network, ITAM games aims to bring smaller developers an easier experience developing their products. Both by reducing fees below the 30% required for the Google playstore and also by enabling them to easily incorporate different cryptocurrencies and onboard users. They also plan to incorporate NFTs using the ERC20 standard. This has a lot of potential for EOS as one of it's main problems is how confusing it can be for new users when they create an account and begin staking. Being able to download an app and simply play a game makes thing a lot more attractive and just plain fun.

The ITAM Games ICO will have 2 rounds. The 1st round will begin on the 15th of July.


ITAM Store App Features

The ITAM Store app will serve as a central hub for players in the ITAM community. From tracking leaderboards and in game events to trading or leasing their items across the built in trading market. Players have will full control and be able to do pretty much anything they want with their NFTs. The app will have a exchange that allows everyone to trade across games as well as a built in wallet that will only hold NFTs. They will also block all games from the DADEX (exchange) that are classified as gambling! They want the focus to be on real player driven games and their items rather than trying to provide another gambling or wallet service. 


 The ITAM store app also comes with a achievement system that tracks special events across the games played. Currently the achievements just rewards points, but they may provide special rewards or unlockable content down the road. At the moment, the store works as a portal for pre-registrations for upcoming games and a gateway to their ICO on the 15th of July. When the mainnet releases the community promotions will begin with rewards for gaming, content creation, and just general community involvement. ITAM games plans to heavily support the growth of their player's engagement. Their first blockchain game, Dark Town, will be releasing in mid July. 

ITAM Token and Ecosystem

ITAM will be issuing 2.5 Billion ITAM Tokens. This is a hard cap and is stated to never increase. The ITAM games team has also stated they will periodically burn ITAM tokens and they also plan on allowing a broad range of cryptocurrencies to be used on their platform such as EOS and DAI. Players who hold ITAM tokens will receive discounts and special perks on most of the actions they perform, such as 5% discount on all IAPs using ITAM token only. Rental fees between players sharing items will also be settled using ITAM tokens. In the roadmap they plan on allowing ITAM token holders to have preferential status with voting power in the community, exclusive pre-purchases of games and NFT pre-sales. 


ITAM Games

There will be 3 main games on the platform utilizing the ITAM token within the year. BlueDawn, Dark Town, and Dungeon Princess. These games are all currently under development with the closest to release being Dark Town. Once the final phase of bug fixes are applied to Dark Town, it will be released in July sometime around the ICO. There are an additional 3 games on their platform but these only offer achievement rewards.


BlueDawn is their flagship game scheduled for a full release in Q4 2019. BlueDawn will be a mobile blockchain RPG. Players will choose from one of the main heroes and battle against the ancient dragon. It will have a gacha, crafting, leveling system, and other standard mobile RPG mechanics but they will utilize the blockchain to back their items and offer unique reward systems. We should see more information on how this game will play exactly in the months to come. 


ITAM Games is a platform definitely worth keeping an eye on if you're into crypto gaming. They have a lot of similarities I think to Enjin which has performed fairly well. I know I'll be trying them out as I'm always playing and reviewing the newest releases.
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