Dark Town - Beginner's Guide

Dark Town - Beginner's Guide

By DogGodFrogLog | Enjin | 11 Jul 2019

The first steps you take into Dark Town can be overwhelming. A deceitfully simple and cute dungeon crawler packed with several different mechanics, abilities, skill trees, and more. I think of it as Darkest Dungeon Lite. It also has a easy to use party system! Which is fantastic to have in a crypto game as you're usually stuck playing solo player while you grind your tokens out.  

However, the translations can be a little rough and some things are a bit buggy on launch. This guide will break down what each NPC does in Dark Town and what you should do when you first start playing the game!

Follow this link to download the game!

Dark Town NPC List

Dark Town has 7 Main NPCs. These NPCs can be found left to right, as listed, inside Dark Town.

"Dekkers" The Blacksmith - Allows you to craft gear, enhance equipment, and disassemble armor and weapons you find into crafting materials. Every 5 levels of enhancement (Max 15) will increase the abilities of Legendaries. 
|Enhancement is currently bugged and does not function!  

"Desina" The Innkeeper - Allows you to store items for gold. Incredibly useful early on when you don't have a lot of bag space. Make sure to save 1 of each food item you pickup as well. She normally has a quest for each one eventually. You can rest in the bed in the back every 12 hours if you ask her. This gives you a random buff for a short duration. 


"Laon" Goddess of Love - A beautiful and mysterious figure. You can pray once every 12 hours to receive a chest. She will also host challenges every few levels rewarding a tiny amount of soul stones.


"Narret" The Alchemist - Fuses and mixes your items with Red Stones. Legendary Synthesis will turn 3 legendaries into a random one. Combine Equipment will do the same with equipment. Unseal will unlock the abilities that are "sealed" on weapons and armor. Make Red Stone turns boss tokens into red stones.

Once you have leveled crafting enough you will unlock the advanced version, Create. You can create these certain recipes with Narret later in the game. 


"Leila" The Merchant - This is your shopkeeper. Use Store will allow you to buy and sell from the NPC wares. Make sure to keep plenty of basic items on hand before you enter a dungeon. These are Keys, Holy Water, Potions, Pick Axes. Use Market will allow you to buy and sell items from other players. 


"Melisandra" The Black Magician - Allows you to learn new skills and buy starting skill books. Also allows you to buy select base books. You can only learn skills in their proper order (IE, Book 1, 2, 3)  She has the menu for In-app Purchases on the left.


"??? ???" The Wanderer - Will reset your stats and abilities before level 30 for free. Cost compounds after level 30. Make sure to take advantage of this to get your build proper if you feel you have made a mistake.  Use carriage will take you to the world map but it's generally better to leave via left of town so you have quicker access to smith, storage, and shop.

He will also give you a bonus chest every 5 levels.

Item Exchange, Bonuses, and Daily Missions


The DADEX (Digital Asset Exchange Platform) can be accessed by clicking on the ITAM Store icon. Legendary items that are unbound can be listed here for EOS. Items can be unbound by clicking on the "bound" section in your inventory and paying the required soulstones.


Players can receive the daily attendance reward 1x a day. This comes with some great items. Don't miss it!


Quests will open the Quests Menu. Here you'll find your daily/weekly missions, challenges, and ongoing story quests.
Make sure to complete your dailies!

"Watch Ad for Bonus" is currently bugged and cannot be completed.

Completing quests inside Dark Town will unlock additional hidden cities/content.
I will make a player's manual that goes over stats/combat/etc in greater detail. 

You're all set to save the world!

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