RollerCoin : Earn while playing your favorite games!

RollerCoin : Earn while playing your favorite games!

By Eniamza | Enilog | 14 Feb 2021

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Another Scam?

Days after days , we have probably saw advertisements of gambling and cloud mining sites. Playing around for hours on auto pilot mode and in one blink, poof! All assets are gone.

So how about a place where you can play all your nostalgic games and get paid?

Roller to the Rescue

Recently I came across the project called Roller Coin .

In simple terms , Roller Coin is going to be fueled by Roller Token with a goal to build full-fledged in-game marketplace.

Let's explore a bit!

Simulated Mining Environment

RollerCoin simulates a mining environment where gamers get "Hash Power" as reward. Well the hash power amount is also simulated and amplified.

power rewardexpected reward

Trust me with 912 GH/S you can earn much more than this in real life. So it's more aimed towards giving a crypto mining feeling.

Play and Gain

The first and free method of gaining hash power to mine coin is playing games! There are a few games currently available and more are being added!


The Pink bar indicates difficulty level. The higher the level is , the more power you will gain on winning!

No pain Yes gain!

Again to give a more miner like feeling, RollerCoin market has Miners! .

Miner list

You can invest in these miners and gain hash powers without playing. And the good news is these miners are permanent!

Miners allows you to keep consistent hashing power and earn even while you're offline

Top Miner

Time to play?

If you are in love with mini games you'll probably have fun with Roller Coin! A little bit chill time would also work!

If you want to dig deeper and invest in miner , give it a try.

But as all faucet like servers it would take patience to get profit out of it!

Bonus Tip!

The most profitable way would be giving all your power to mine dogecoin. As withdrawal limit of other coins are quite high moreover, ETH includes network fees! Eww .


Happy Rolling!

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