Bunratty Folk Park

Bunratty Castle & Folk park, County Clare.

Part 2




They have loads of fairy things around the place.




Fairies are a big part of Irish folklore.




We're coming back here in August for my sons third birthday, and we're coming for my other sons first birthday in November, this place is very special that time of year because it's dark out around 4ish, and it's covered in lights and Christmas decor, so it feels very magical in the winter.




I love goats, they are so cute, and I find them very funny. This little fella is actually a right little bully, we witnessed him biting and headbutting other goats, the ones with no horns, he wasn't as brave around the other horned goats. He was sweet with us, though.


Goat GIF


These guys were the main boys, I think the bigger your horns are the higher up the chain of command you are haha




There is a few of these old traveller caravans around the place, I wish the traveller caravans that are illegally parked all around Ireland were as pretty as these and only had goats living in them.




This is either Meabh or Saoirse, they are Irish wolfhounds.




These were the breed of dog the old Irish kings would have had. Their numbers are unfortunately dwindling. I have three large dogs at the moment, so we have no plans for another huge one but the next dog we get (if we can afford it) will be an Irish wolfhound, both me and my husband have wanted one since we were children. The pups are very expensive though ranging around €1500 per pup, but that was a few years ago, and it could be more or less now.




I never knew how rough a cows tongue is, it felt like someone was rubbing my hand with wet sandpaper.





The folk park is based on a 19th century Irish town with a pub, a school, stores, a doctors clinic and more.




The pub, unfortunately because the whole world is afraid of getting a cold you can't seat inside the pub, but you can use the toilets and drink outside.




This is the school. Most schools in Ireland now are pack jammed with students.




Going through these kinds of folk parks where you get a glimpse of the past, and it really makes me think that things haven't got better, the modern world is not better than the past. It is dirtier, louder, scarier, more depressing, dumber and definitely more violent, with most places losing what makes them unique and special.




I much prefer dogs to people.


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