The Monotony Of Routine (And How To Break It)

By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 24 Apr 2021

Did you know that habits and routine are only as boring or monotonous as you let them be?

Most people aren't disciplined enough to stick with anything because they get bored quickly or they've overcommitted to doing things, feel overwhelmed, and get nothing done. 

This can happen when you 1) take life too seriously and 2) have shiny object syndrome and jump on everything you see. 

Without the discipline to build positive habits and routines it's hard to be productive and build the life that we desire to achieve.

Learn to play and have fun with what you're doing! Take me for example. Do I enjoy working out at 6-630am every day? Yes and no.

Do I enjoy eating at the exact same times every single day? Not really, it's stressful sometimes. 

Do I enjoy meditating? Yeah, it's key to my wellbeing, yet I struggle to "make time" for it. 

Tracking macros and water: do I enjoy it? Not really, however I understand that what gets measured gets improved.

Do I enjoy being on social media and marketing organically? Not really. If I didn't need it to run my businesses, I wouldn't be on it at all. 

However, I still have these things (and much more) built into my day. Some days I struggle and fall off or neglect to do things (as we all do). I'm human, shit happens and it's okay. 

The thing is for me and so many of my friends, without those routines built into our schedules at the same times every day, we wouldn't get any where near as much done in a day as we currently do. 

Our bodies enjoy consistency. Our clients enjoy consistency. Content consumers enjoy consistency. Everything comes back to consistency. 

If we can't build the habits and routines or be disciplined enough to be consistent on a daily basis life becomes a struggle and we are well behind where we want to be. 

The irony of it all is that if we forget to play and have fun while we're at it life becomes dull and monotonous. 

The greatest skill you can learn is embodying your passions, purpose and principles so that each day you're not only growing, you're also having fun within a continued flow state.

What do you do to stay disciplined, on track, and have fun all at the same time? What does that look like for you?


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Coach Viking
Coach Viking

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Sovereign Coach
Sovereign Coach

With crypto being such a new and budding space there's so much to do and learn. This can cause us to put our health on the backburner and create potentially irreversible long term health issues. Welcome to my blog on health, fitness, mindset & my experiences in crypto!

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