Learn & Grow 2: Coordination

By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 14 Mar 2022


Welcome back to the second edition of our monthly Learn & Grow series!

As a brief recap, last month we discussed coordination. We dug into challenges and successes we have faced along with some hot topics that DAOs are starting to face.

Catch up on that here!

This week your hosts Lion, Anthony (ZimTeemo), and Coach Viking segue from culture into coordination.

Interestingly enough coordination builds on top of culture.

We have 4 layers of coordination: personal, team, DAO/organization, and DAO to DAO level coordination.

From there we have different subsects of coordination. These include and are not limited to: onboarding, tooling, communication, team alignment, and offboarding.

Join us as we share our unique experiences and thoughts on how to continue growing into this unchartered frontier!



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Coach Viking
Coach Viking

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Sovereign Coach

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