A Vision For The Leaders Of The "New Frontier" (Part 1)

By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 14 May 2021

Clarity Nation!

I've been thinking about this a fair bit lately. What do the leaders of the new world look like?

It's no secret that the leaders of the "traditional" world aren't great leaders. I'm confident a lot of us would agree it would have been helpful to have other roll models to look up to growing up. After all, that's why we're spurring on the birth of the decentralized world, isn't it?

So where do we go from here? How do we mitigate becoming a spitting image of the very things we're trying to move away from?

It starts from within. We are all leaders of this new world. We are the pioneers, leaders, rule breakers (in the traditional sense), thought leaders and path pavers.

It's up to us to shape the future of this new world together. As a united front. With a shared vision, mission, and ethos.





That front starts with culture. A culture of collaboration, innovation, some may even call us thrill seekers or gamblers. But why label ourselves outside of being collaborators and facilitators? Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure the human capacity is able to operate without some sort of labels though, and that can be a touchy subject until cultural norms are more solidified.

To truly lead and build this new world, the path must be agreed upon and written on paper. Every culture wrote down their Ethos or Values, all top teams have had them since long before the Roman legions. It works and has been one of the most time tested and proven systems there is!


Fail Forward Fast


When breaking new ground we must learn to fail forward fast. Pride and ego kill reputation. Humility, truth and transparency will take us a lot further. Sure, our technology may be limited, for now. It's adapting to web3 and other protocols pretty fast. If we don't learn to fail forward fast and improve on those lessons, there won't be a space to birth.




We must document our journey. We can let history decide what goes in the book about us, or we can write the book ourselves. Wouldn't that be something? Writing a history book? This is how we learn, measure our progress, and contribute to the collective. It's not enough to share knowledge, we must share our experiences so others may learn.

Also, don't forget to take your 3 poops! Every day it's important to take a mental, emotional and physical dump. The first 2 involve the time tested and proven pen and paper. Don't be shy to let your thoughts and emotions out. Let go of the anchors and allow yourself to flourish.





I know. I said a bad word. Here me out, would ya? I'm a friendly Canadian and come in peace! We must take ownership of the actions of ourselves and our team. Both the success and failure of a team revolves around this. Win or lose, the team shares it all for better or worse. "Pain shared is pain divided, happiness shared is happiness multiplied"


Collaborators & Team Players


Instead of operating as islands (like in the traditional world), we must create both a team and collaborative environment. Yes, competition can be fun sometimes and healthy. We all love a friendly cross-DAO meme war once in a while! Each member of the team has their unique skills and personalities to bring to the table.

Each team member is empowered to be autonomous and decide how they can best integrate and contribute to the ecosystem. This takes resilience and the ability to fail forward fast. Some find our place quicker than others. At the end of the day, the team and mission come first. When we're within a healthy team with a solid support structure it doesn't take long to find where we will thrive most.


Feedback Loops & Positivity




To truly create a thriving ecosystem, we must all learn to become facilitators and coaches. The relationships we build are 2 way streets based off continuous feedback loops. In order to truly be agile and innovative, we must be willing to create and maintain open feedback loops. That doesn't mean we will always agree or like what we hear.

We don't talk about problems unless we are proposing solutions to them. Pointing out problems being a negative nelly wears down the energy of the team. We all know the problems exist. So instead of fixating on what doesn't work, it's time to start proposing solutions.

Will it work? I don't know. We're failing forward fast and enjoying the journey while we're at it!




The 7 Commitments Leaders must make, not only to themselves, but to their teams, to thrive in this new world are: Courage, Trust, Respect, Growth, Excellence, and Alignment. 

These are the qualities the team must posses and the culture must foster, without them we're in the same boat as the legacy world.

Stay tuned for the next post where I'll take a deep dive into these commitments!

As always,

A rising tide raises all ships,

We rise together! 

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